Kate Reña is creating room to make beautiful things.

hey, wow

$1 /mo
You'll get to see progress pictures & commentary when I'm working on something new. Also, there will be cat pictures. I mean, it's me.

kinda sweet

$5 /mo
More in-depth progress stuff, more pictures & more commentary, some of which I might even do as a video thinger if y'all manage to talk me into it. Maybe. Also you'll sometimes get first shot a...

holy cats!

$11 /mo
All of the above stuff! Plus: every month I'll send you a bar of soap! That I made! (But, alas, only if you live in the US, because shipping to anywhere else has become ridiculous.)

this is where the jewelry happens

$23 /mo
Instead of soap, you'll get earrings! You get everything else above, though. Cos that's how this works. (Again with the US-only, alas, the shipping.)

Also if anyone is actually pledging at t...

two things!

$31 /mo
Soap AND earrings. SO MANY THING. I might even chuck in some lip balm every once in a while. Plus, of course, all the other stuff.

now it's pendants!

$43 /mo
You have correctly perceived that I will be shipping off a custom, handmade pendant to you EVERY MONTH! (Actually everything I'm shipping off will be custom & handmade, but you're giving me 43 ...


$67 /mo
seriously idek, that's a LOTTA money, i'll send you something awesome??