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We are a family of worldschoolers travelling Europe in an old Mercedes-Benz 811.
While other young folks go to school every day and sit in the same classroom for sometimes years and years with exact the same people around them, our kids educate themselves through travelling, getting to know new people and places along the way and connecting to our world itself.

Right from the beginning of our journey, when we were still living a normal people's life in an apartment in the city, we were asked a lot of questions about this lifestyle that we want to live. Some of them were pretty easy to be answered, but some remained unanswered even for ourselves.
That's when we decided to make a documentary and share our experiences and answers to your and our questions. Along our way, we are busy interviewing other unschooling or worldschooling families to find answers that we cannot give ourselves yet while watching our own kids grow.
We hope to take you with us on this beautiful journey where we all can learn and see different approaches of learning and living and even a glimpse of where they may lead.

The time is right to trust our kids again and let them lead the way into a future that none of us knows. Their journey of learning is as individual as they are themselves so let us support them for it's their future in a world that will never going to be the same again, with obstacles that we cannot even think of yet. Let their minds wander in their own pace to find solutions that we as schooled adults may never find.

Join us in our making of this film to spread the word that school's out and education is back! That there is not only one way, but thousands and they change as people change.
We will give you monthly updates of our work and short videos on our interview partners.

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