The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins is creating
burlesque , dance/movement performance , costuming & writing

one black queer femme artmaker, backed by a wide community of activists

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Cushion sans Pushin'
$1,000 per month
Raisng funds for 2 months worth of rent ($500 each.)

Sure, i need help paying my rent. Here's why. My home is also my practice space and art studio. And right now, because I am consistently scrambling to get parts of the rent/pay it with late fees, I am always behind the 8ball. Stressing about how to get the rent. And often do not have time or capacity for any artmaking, plus I feel guilty and ashamed at writing/artmaking when I am failing at adult life responsibilities.

Stress (the ensuing adrenal fatigue, depression, shame, embarassment. These are the blocks to getting My Work done. Help provide a lil piece of mind if you can?



The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins is a working class, queer femme artmaker!
A burlesque performer of 12 years exploring choreography, costuming, makeup artistry, and writing as a creative way to help heal my communities


Atlanta, GA, USA
Oakland, CA, USA

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Hi Friends,

I am a working class, black, queer femme artmaker based in Oakland, CA. I've been performing traditional burlesque for 12 years.  Which led me down a path of artmaking that includes choreography, costuming, makeup artistry, writing/blogging and being generally fabulous.

However as a working class person ( i like to say po'folk ;-) its really hard to make art and write when I'm dealing with some very real financial scarcity. 

You're regular donation (no matter how great of small) means the kind of continued support that allows me to focus less on "How am I gonna eat?"  and more on "How am I gonna feed the world!"

Thank you for any help you're able to offer!

Excess and Ohs,
The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins
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