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Buy me a coffee to fuel my brain into making new and wondrous things. Honestly, it helps so much to take an hour or two to just sit outside the house, with a coffee, sketching and researching.




Hi, my name is Michelle, I'm an artist and my body hates me.

I keep trying to work, taking any kind of job I can, because we are poor and need the money. After a short while though, my body stops me from working. My joints hurt and move out of place, my muscles seize up and tear and I slowly start to crumble mentally, because I cannot seem to do even the most simple jobs without ending up in an intense amount of pain. Doctors can't help me. I've also now developed carpal tunnel syndrome, so crafting is a challenge.

But! Making something from nothing gives me endless amounts of joy, and if one task hurts too much, I can switch to another type and it's not as bad. This means I do almost every kind of crafting - If you can think of it, I might be able to find a way of making it.
To give you some idea, what I focus on most at the moment is drawing, painting, sketchbooks, pin badges, miniatures (especially for D&D but also warhammer), doll edits, clothes, wigs and accessories, and full size costumes. My muse tends to direct me in what to do, and I tend to listen or she'll get pissed off and leave me blank until I grovel sufficiently.

So here I am, making things as much as I can, and I hope you like it enough to help me make more. I need funds for materials and daycare for my 2 year old tiny viking, and just everyday living expenses.

And with that, I better get back to crafting. My muse is poking my shoulder and saying in her twinkling voice: "Pssst... make something!". I see the pain as a reasonable sacrifice for her guidance as she gives me ideas, motivation and drive. I would not be where I am today without my lovably bothersome imaginary friend.

Thank you for considering supporting my work.
❤ - ✓aladomi
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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