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§eidr §treaming 
Seidr is Old Europe’s most sacred and most profound spiritual practice. Those who lived this way were recognizable by the staff they carried, which was an earned emblem of their office / role. They were trained in the use of Runes and herbs, they traveled the worlds beyond this one, so were called upon to guide the dead on their final journey. These women were considered holy, for they had dedicated their lives in becoming vessels of Forn Sidr, the “ancient customs, laws”, the Old Ways.

This essential societal role required many years of both book learning / froedi (“lore, old learning”), and hands-on application / blot (“worship, sacrifice”), which is why they were called fjolkyngi (“much-knowing / knowledge”). They were renowned singers of galdr (“magical incantations”), and knew the right use of mark hlutr (“mark, draw / lots, set of a thing, runes”), which is why they were also called gorningar (“to bestow enchantment, to endow with magic; a magic deed or action”).

All this research takes time, practice, and diligence in teasing and collating the mass of information - in dead and obscure languages - into a cohesive and comprehensible format.  Please support my Seidr mission, to assure this Old European Folkway is carried-forth into the next generation.

Know you how to carve, know you how to interpret?
Know you how to paint (grasp), know you how to test?
Know you how to bid (ask), know you how to sacrifice?
Know you how to send, know you how to destroy?

-Havamal 144 (Wright translation)

I am Valarie Wright. I am a Seidwoman, author, healer, and artist. I have a facebook page where I share information on Indo-European Heathenry, a blog where I muse mystically, and a member-only page where I discuss Seidr with kindred seekers and seers. This Patreon page is where you and I will create a sustaining relationship that supports Seidr Research and Development.

Faith is participation. It is choosing not to choose, and turning to decide
that all is undecided and awaits – eternal journey. It is influential.
Know that I can journey and all realms of experience are open to my tread.
Share with another and they travel also. Believe that what I behold is
‘just imagination’ or ‘just expectation’ and I am moored tight to my own shore.
Can or can't, real or imagined: either way I'm ‘right’. The can and real are
richer and connect me to a deeper journey. Bliss is in moments but the
moments are far longer than they seem. Each is endless if one but let it be so.

-Seidr Sprehhan 12

Thank you!

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Valarie Wright – Seidr scholar, philosopher, researcher, and artist – is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers within Seidr Studies today. Long regarded as the groundbreaking proponent of Seidr as an extraordinary potential to inform individual happiness, creativity, and fulfillment.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 70 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 70 exclusive posts

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