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About Valarie Wright

                                                            What is Seidr?

The efficacy of Seidr (1) is best explained by the organic, complex, spontaneous, and intricate network of mutual interconnectedness. This unity-in-variety, or Cosmic Order (2), is the principle of natural regulation and coordination within All Worlds (3); a delicate tangle of affinity that threads its way through all-that-lives (4).

Cosmic Order is the true Seidbearer. The sympathetic interconnection (5) of attraction and repulsion – employed in all Seidr spells – are natural and spontaneously active principles that Seidbearers learn to direct upon themselves and others in order to achieve their ends.

Seidbearers have no might outside of the system they aim to influence. All Seidr might derives from the fact that they are part of the very pattern they wish to weave or re-weave. Seidbearers identify with the might they seek to direct. They range and re-arrange themselves into the weaving. Consider for example: love-magic. Love is a Cosmic Principle; at its most fundamental, it is attraction and familiarity, loyalty, family, and hospitality (6), so the tendency of compatible things that approach and bond with one another. This is found in the network of both relationships and universes. In love-magic, the Seidbearer patiently brings two threads towards each other; this subtle act of change is never forced but cooperative with the natural tendencies already present.

Seidr influence operates beneath the plane of consciousness and will, on an autonomic, organic or psychological level. Seidr methods of changing patterns of interconnection often involve related acts, such as Galdr (incantations), Runes (Tarot, Bones, Stones, Herbs, etc), or Dance (adopting a compelling physical posture). In each case, the Seidbearer’s intent is to guide organisms in a new direction through the operative stratum of soul/Fetch.

Seidbearers are Naturalists and Astronomers (7). Regarding this latter, there exists a relational causality in the varying configurations of sky-body and human-body. Stars and constellations do not influence humans directly, nor can they be swayed by appeals of conscious volition, but we can adapt stellar influences to change the overall context of how we function. Forn Threifa works in similar fashion: The Healer (as the Physician) aims to change the context in which natural forces operate by directing or re-directing Healing Might to the patient. As I pointed out in my book: Forn Threifa: Ancient Healing Touch, the 5-part healing modality is a traditional and effective means of altering the nexus of organic relationships, to align or re-align them with existing nodes (8).

Seidbearers, as all physical and ethereal entities, are susceptible to the network of interacting cosmic powers and their influences. However, through their diligence, discipline, and dedication, Seidfolk are resistant to the fluctuations that determine ordinary life. Through decades of direction, they have developed the mental clarity and conscious self-containment to counter or repel harm either directed towards them or in the general area. In kind, having attained Wyrd Consciousness, they are better able to navigate harm’s reach.

In all, Seidr is an Earth force, not a Cosmic one (9). Every action, every ripple, every vibration, every wave, is capable of beguiling one’s daily life. The ordinary and everyday human is pulled here-and-there by all they see and hear, touch, feel, and taste; by advertisers and television, by books, music, and memes. All these thoughts create your beliefs, which form your values, which dictate your behavior. To be drawn to a thing – a cause or politician, an object or career goal – is to be under the spell of that thing (no Seidr or Magic required). This susceptibility to external influences occurs when we abandon the hunt for Hoher Muot, in favor of ordinary enchantment that promises fleeting gain.

It is easy to blame Seidr, Witchcraft or bad luck when one is led down dark paths. But this is precisely the fate of those fascinated and absorbed by the desire for objects that falsely claim lasting reward.

Seidr is the expression of Cosmic Might, or the organic unity that binds all natural entities together in a reciprocal relationship. Whereas sympathetic-magic (empathy) falls short of the absolute blithe and unity that is the goal of Seidr and its Philosophy. Worse yet: when sympathetic-magic is used as a substitute for Seidr; for then, all are led astray.

Seidr seeks to attain High Mindedness and Wyrd Consciousness, to transcend the chaotic flow of daily life, to rise above the surface to experience the Absolute in daily living.

Thank you for joining me on this great adventure!
I look forward to hearing about your journey!

~ ~ ~

1-Seidr is synonymous with ‘magic’.
2-Tyr as Thing-God, Pole Star.
3-Earth, planets, and universe(s).
4-Nornic Weaving.
6-The sacred guest-host relationship.
7-Thriving between Earth and Sky
8-Nodes are ‘knots; intersections’ of both celestial bodies and healing currents.
9-Pertaining to influences upon Earth and Her surrounding Worlds.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 141 exclusive posts

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