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➕ Previous Rewards Included

• Early Access Ticket
• Digital Goods
• Colored Art
• Destiny Pass
• Secret Files
• Character Stylist




Hello! I’m Valory! You may know me from my webcomic ‘DREAM ART IDOL’ published on WEBTOON Canvas or maybe my Fancomic series 'JUST MAID FOR HIM ' from my YouTube channel!  


Genre : Fantasy / Romance
Theme : Magical Girl 
Release : February 14th 2020
Published on : Webtoon Canvas
Status : Hiatus
Schedule : Monthly 

Based on : Characters from Miraculous Ladybug
Genre : Fanfiction / Romance / Comedy
Theme : Dōjinshi / Audio Drama
Release : January 22 2020 - Present
Published on : YouTube  Instagram
Status : Active  
Schedule : Monthly

       WHY PATREON?       

The goal is to produce / upload weekly comics and monthly art illustrations. As of now I can only do biweekly episodes due to financial restraint. For my comic series and illustrations - I hired a team of colorists to help me bring my series to life, so I could focus on story, drafting, drawing and inking.

I am currently paying my team out of my own pocket and it affects the consistency with putting out comics weekly. I am struggling, so I decided to make a Patreon so I can focus on making more comics and artwork without the financial struggle.

I can no longer do this alone ( trust me, I tried and it greatly affected my mental & physical health ) - but we can do this together and make this dream possible. With your help - I can break the financial shackles and create more content for you guys to enjoy!


All my earnings from Patreon will go back to creating more webcomics & illustrations as well as HELP PAY my lovely colorists & assistants that I work with.With your help, I’ll be able to pay and hire my colorists full time and do weekly episodes!

     HOW THIS WORKS      

➢ When you pledge successfully*, you’ll have immediate access to all posts available to the tier you pledged to! No more waiting! This includes posts made prior to your membership.

 If you decide to upgrade or downgrade the pledge will immediately unlock that tier* so you have instant access.

** Successful Pledge means you will be immediately charged in order to gain immediate access to all content within your tier. 


Digital rewards will be posted and files can be time sensitive, so be sure to claim them before the link expires! If you haven’t received your reward or you’ve missed it - please message me on Patreon! 

Future rewards - I hope to eventually offer exclusive physical goodies for you guys! Like plushies, Patreon special badges, and more! 

     HIDDEN GEMS     

I plan on doing cross-media merchandise like plushies, items that the characters wore in the series where you can have it too! When a character performs a song - you’ll be able to purchase it too! 
3% complete
Enough to pay my team & assistants without YouTube and produce more comics! WE YOUTUBE SHACKLE FREE!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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