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About Trash Vandal

Hello, my name is Trash Vandal and I'm here to help Ithaca's LGBT+ artists make treasure out of Trash!

Since 2010, I've helped lead organisations such as Prism and the House of Merlot, bringing higher platforms and success to many drag artists, musicians, comedians, local businesses and the like. However, throughout most of this journey I've done it all for little to no pay. That's why I'm now reaching out to the fans of Trash and the many projects I handle to help keep these projects afloat

I'm currently fundraising for four projects:

Tungsten Lungs-
This is my partner's solo music project that I manage. You can find him and his material under that name on Facebook and Instagram!

The Hit Singles-
A collaborative music project fronted by Alan Xtra, produced by Christopher Anderson, and occasionally featuring performances and writing by myself. I'm also in charge of tour duties and am working to learn sound production.

The House of Oddities-
The House of Oddities is a drag collaborative that consists of most of Ithaca's King's. There's been a lot of tension and exclusion in town, so I'm helping to fund them on their journey.

I'm trying to create a new collection of practiced and ready drag materials for my own performances, but am strapped for cash. Makeup is running really low. I'm in need of my own patrons to take my drag to the next level!
I have a goal to use this project to save up $2,000 by October 2019 to try the LA circuit while I still have time. So please, give generously and help me achieve this dream!!

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