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My heartfelt appreciation for supporting me!

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Pleasure Bon Bon

Hello! I am Vanessa the artist and writer of Pleasure Bon Bon, a furry story drawn in cartoon style, with humor and a lot of funny, romantic and intriguing situations!

Pleasure Bon Bon
was born as subscription furry webcomic in 2003, published into a paid by monthly subscription site owned by my old partner, but now I decided to run alone as independent comic artist with my own site.

The reboot project:

Why a reboot?
It helps me to start over again with this new fresh and ambitious project, now only mine, as independent artist!  Also, it helps everyone to clearly understand what works is funded via Patreon. In fact, the new pages will be available only on Only the site is my property and is allowed to host the comic book pages.

So share freely the free pages and stop paying any other type of subscription on sites other than Patreon because I do not receive money from other sites.
Any other site named Pleasure Bon Bon with paid memberships does not have my permission to exist, does not share the money raised with me, and does not pay me royalties.

I receive donations to do this work only through Patreon, and only the site is mine, so if you see the comic somewhere else it means someone is stealing my work.

I have to restart alone to create a new original comic, a reboot, to maintain and protect the copyright of my work, and to prevent others from continuing to profit on the following chapters of the old Saga.

The new site will be free! Why?

Because I think that the payment system on the old site is obsolete and not working anymore, and I believe that a different approach is necessary.
So now my site will be different. A free comic for everyone!
Patrons will have exclusive rewards like: all the contents in advance, work in progress, inked pages, biggest pages in better resolution, video process of my drawing, sketches, Mini Bon Bon’s and more!

Each chapter of the reboot will contain more history, new and different scenes! :D
The cutted scenes from the first series are many, I will cut something that is useless for the main plot, the filling scenes that make the story slow and incoherent. Some chapter was really disappointing for me. The reboot will have a new fresh style, modern and linear, still detailed but with a cartoon style.
I'm study to maintain a constant work rhythm and a producing schedule.

Thanks to my supporters I was able to upgrade my work I have new working tools and new skills! :D

There are still a lot of things to say more about the reboot of PBB but for now I'm stopping here.

Now, may I have your trust and support? I hope so ^_^


Mini comic guide to how to download your Rewards from the site!

Click here to download a better resolution:

$881 of $1,000 per month
Pay monthly mortgage payments to get rid of the first and greatest concern! I am a concrete person and I want to be honest and sincere. The monthly fixed payment of my debt with the bank is 868,64 euros, about 1,000 USD. In August 2018 I paid 10 years but I have lost my job on the old site of Pleasure Bon Bon in 2017.
To be more specific since 2017 the webmaster of the Pleasure Bon Bon website Ronald Trang is keeping all the profits of my work for himself without doing any work. I was scammed by the webmaster ( he is not my editor, not my boss and there is not a contract) that abused of my naivete to keep all my royaltiess of PBB's monthly earnings, violating my copyright. He cheated me. 
So when a customer pays an account of 25 USD to get my drawings, my stories, my ideas, my intellectual property Ronald Trang (role: webmaster) takes possession of all the money. Ronald also removed my password from the PBB site, he blocked me. So I can not even take my works there anymore. I am speechless. I can looking for my files on my hardisks and many backups to put all on Patreon but it takes me time.
So now I use only Patreon donations to pay my debts with the bank in order not to lose my home. So when I reach this goal I will work serenely with my art and not be under stress always thinking about giving up. Therefore is a concrete and sincere goal to continue to create art! :) The house is a primary tool! :D


Gift 1-    When I will reach this goal I will create 3 strip tease pdf files NSFW with the prizes of the puzzles that were present in the old site and I will give them to all patrons dividing them in:
  1. One Strip tease pdf for tier $1
  2. Two Strip tease pdf for tiers $4 and $9
  3. Three Strip Teatse pdf for tiers $13 and $19
These Strip Tease contain from 8 to 10 pin ups that are stripping an indumet step by step, in different poses in sequential art (it is not a paper doll game) and the pdf will contain them all together as a portfolio. The format will be bigger size and better resolution than the pinups that were won from the site through a puzzle!

Gift 2-    SFW and NSFW commission by a poll!
The patrons will be able to vote and decide for a new exclusive art of any subject that I will do to celebrate the milestone of 1000 usd per month.
You can be a PBB character or a Fan Art of a furry pop culture character, such as: Minerva Mink, Lola Bunny, Gadget the Mouse, Cleo the Cat ... and if the art will be in PBB Style "X Ray" ! That is the dressed and undressed version. Different size and format will be divided for the available tiers.
Sample of a Fan Art of a popular furry character in PBB Style:

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 310 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 310 exclusive posts

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