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About Nilla

Hey everyone! Nilla here! 

Not too long ago, I graduated with a degree in Cinema and Video Production. I'm currently working full time in Marketing, and I wear a lot of hats! While art isn't my full time job, it is my lifelong hobby and joy. I'm always working on something or another, and Patreon is the perfect place for me to put everything in one feed so you can keep track of me even when I can't keep track of me. 

I'm currently working on a visual novel style game called Bloody Murder. As of this writing, it's still in the pre-production phase, but I plan to document it as I work here on Patreon! Click that link to see my tag for it, which will include all posts I make about the story, the characters, or development in general. 

I mostly do digital art, but I also dabble in other crafty projects, too! You might find OOAK Dolls, hand-painted things, maybe some merch... who knows! I tend to be a little overambitious, but it makes for a fun journey. 

Any pledge is greatly, greatly appreciated. Look to the right to see what you can get from my different tiers! 

Links coming soon:
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  • Commissions are always open for Patrons! 
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  • Commission discounts and monthly art rewards do not stack between tiers! If you have any questions about rewards, don't hesitate to ask. I'll talk about this more in a FAQ soon!

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This goal will pay for most of my recurring expenses-- like my subscription to the Adobe Cloud, and will go towards replacing broken or depleted supplies. This helps me out a lot and takes stress off my shoulders. When this goal is met, I'll increase commission discounts for patrons!
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