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About Aja Vanilleon


Ahoy, and thank you for visiting my Patreon page!

What I Make

I'm creating the True Magic comic: a free, fun fantasy adventure that you can read right here.

I've been drawing and publishing True Magic for over ten years now, and there's much more to come.

It's a huge project: It takes at least 20 hours to script and draw each page. I've devoted thousands of hours to producing this story, and I'm happy to post it for free, because it's great fun to share it with you guys. ♥

How Patreon Helps

The one major obstacle has been finances. Even with my minimalist lifestyle, the demands of monthly expenses (and the constant need to "forage" for new freelance work) have often left little time for the comic.

A little patron support can give me a LOT more time (and a lot more peace of mind!) to create new pages.

Behold the Power of Patronage

Perhaps you decide to pledge $1 per page. If I post a page per week, that means you might contribute a total of four or five dollars per month (or the price of, say, a small block of cheese).

Maybe that sounds trivial to you, but your support means the world to me -- and, combined with your fellow patrons' pledges, it adds up way faster than you might think!

Of course you can pledge more if you'd like some extra bonus rewards, or if you just want to help more.

The beauty of it is, whatever amount you pledge, you only contribute AFTER I finish and post a new page.

You can also set a monthly spending limit -- so, regardless of how many pages I post, YOU are always in control of how much you give.

If even half my readers pledged $1 each, we could surpass our goal several times over -- but we only need to reach it once to make all sorts of wonderful things happen.

True Magic will always be free to read, and I'm already updating the comic as often as I can afford. Patron support is about giving me more time and freedom, so that I can offer more free entertainment for everyone. I'll keep doing my best for you guys -- and if you want to help out, you can make my best a lot better!

Limited Edition Gift for Early Supporters

The $400/page milestone represents a lifelong dream come true. Reaching it will make it possible to do what I love most -- writing and illustrating this free story for everyone who wants to read it -- full-time. And I want to offer extra thanks to every person who helps me get there!

Whether you pledge $1 or $100, if you're one of the current patrons at the moment when total pledges reach $400, I will mail you a link to a limited edition wallpaper image featuring the three main villains of True Magic.

They have yet to be revealed in the comic, but our heroes are already feeling their influence. You will be among the first people to see them -- and the ONLY people who will ever see this portrait of them all together.

It's a small-but-special thing -- a way to show my appreciation for the people who offer support early, when it helps the most.

Seeing the Future, and Other Patron Powers

Finally, as an ongoing reward for EVERY patron: New comic pages appear here, in the patron-only content stream, before they show up on the official True Magic site. Whether it's a few hours ahead, or a few weeks ahead, I always post the newest pages for patrons first. ♥

You can see the complete list of bonuses (ranging from behind-the-scenes material to sneak previews and advertising space) in the sidebar to the right. Suggestions for more patron rewards are always welcome! I'd love to do everything I can to make True Magic's supporters happy.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll continue to enjoy the story!
$300.11 of $400 per new page
This will cover all my expenses and allow me to treat True Magic as my full-time work. That means more reliable updates (at least one page per week), better art, and time to create more fun extras and patron rewards!

As special thanks, when we reach this goal, every current patron will receive an exclusive wallpaper featuring the comic's yet-to-be-revealed main villains. (Everyone will eventually see the villains in the comic -- but the people who help us make it to this goal are the only ones in the world who will ever see this image of them all together. ;)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 502 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 502 exclusive posts

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