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Hey! I'm Vanliea Cosplay! I'm a cosplayer based in Montreal, Canada! 

I created a Patreon so myself and my followers could receive the benefits of something I'm so passionate about, Cosplay! On my Patreon you will see things like exclusive behind the scenes footage,early access to my photo-shoots, upcoming plans and costumes, prints, ect. 

A Little Bit About Me!
My name is Elissa! I'm curently 19 years old and in college. I've been cosplaying since I was 12 years old and it has been one of my biggest passions ever since! I currently go to local cons such as Otakuthon and Montreal Comiccon, but I do go to further cons such as Yeticon, Anime North, ect. My next goal is to go to Katuson!  I created a Patreon in hopes that you will get to know more about me and what i'm up too!

My Costumes 
Most of my costumes are made by me! I started sewing my costumes early on in my cospay career, all I've been taught is self-taught with the help of my grandmother and fellow cosplayers tips and tricks. Slowly but surely i'm improving my work to create even better costumes then I could possibly make! I also take commissions, so if I have the permisson from my client, I will also upload progress of their costumes on here as well! 

Now! If you've finished reading all of this, I congratulate you! Thank you for taking a bit of your time to learn a bit about me and what I like too do! 

Both Photos featured in my header and as my icon are taken by (Left to Right) Ruffshots Photography, Studio KTB, TeekayPhotography and Fhdskl 
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First 5 Patreons will receive a small gift as a thank you! This is just my first goal as a new patreon girl, I hope you enjoy my content! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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