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If you are donating to me even 1$ then you will have access to my patreon page where you can contact me any time you want.  Even if i respond slowly , i _ALWAYS_ respond to my patreons

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Actually the more I think about it, you can buy more then a week worth of coffee with 5$ here! And since I gave up drinking pepsi I kinda need it.

Batteries for my cats

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Turns out cats require energy to function and If I don't feed them they become defective. As such I try to get the best food I possibly can for them!




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About Vee

I'm just a Romanian with a youtube channel talking about things that I find interesting and try to give them a comedic twist. 
I started this Patreon when I was in med school in order to help finance my education, how ever since a medical career in Romania is severely under payed (250$ per month as I am writing this) I decided its better for me to go full Youtuber and provide more content for you guys.

The money you give me helps me pay for expenses, to help my family, to pay for the equipment whenever something breaks, as well as to travel whenever I will go to some real life event where i can get footage that you guys might find interesting.

There are two  channels where i post my content one being my main one and one where i upload my live streams. (vee / vee_livestreams )

Initially I tried to respond to every single message that people gave me how ever since i reached 90k subs that is just not possible anymore, even if i do my best to keep up some messages I just can't get around to read or respond to. How ever I do make it a point to respond to every person who is a patreon. So don't hesitate to contact me if youd like to provide criticism or just a kind word.

I thank you for your support and know that without you guys none of my content would have been possible
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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