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About Connie Spence - Vegan Batgirl

Hi, my name is Connie Spence.  Over a year ago, I bought some revolutionary equipment and hacked it to work outside that projects GIANT VEGAN MESSAGES across the USA.  Some call this The Vegan Batman Light.  In the last year I have used this equipment over 75x or 75 nights.  The light is super cool in person, it can get over 7 stories in diameter and messages can be seen 1/4 mile away or further.  And the interesting thing about my form of activism is that it doesn't upset people as much as holding a sign would, as people's initial thought is WOWOWOWOW look at the light.  It captivates kids that see it, it captivates's really a sight to see!  So because of the "cool" factor, my conversations that follow are usually very productive.  My personality is one that is someone that is very I not only spend a lot of time researching laws and printing them out, but also spend a lot of time finding walls and new styles of activism to reach the masses for a low cost.  Also, I've been told that I've very good at drawing people into conversation and getting them to think or move towards Veganism.  I think the recipe you get with me is someone who is:  Physically Strong to Carry the Equipment, Fearless with Cops, Knowledgable with Laws and Convincing with Passerby's.

I initially tried to create Vegan Batman Light Chapters in different cities, but realized that finding groups that were dedicated to this activism was tough because there is a lot to it.  Heavy equipment, finding blank walls, dealing with Police all the time and having some hecklers along the way.  So, since I spend countless hours and my own money trying to do as much as I can, someone suggested that I create a Patreon to give those throughout the community that believe in me and my style a way to execute even more creative ideas.

Currently I spend about $200-$400/mo of my own money on activism.  I had a recent donation that helped me upgrade my equipment and buy 2 new rounds of Messages, but that will run out soon, and I still have so many great ideas and places that I could take this type of activism too. 

I work very hard for Veganism, as I'm sure you do too.  I also work very hard for my money, as I'm sure you do too.  This is not asking for anything that you can't give.  It's only a request that if you believe in my motivation, that you will see I push SOOO hard for Veganism on a weekly basis and your donations will go to multiply what I can and have done on my own. 

Cheers and thank you for your support!
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With this amount, it will help pay for the maintenance of equipment and I can double my activism efforts with more messages, more stunts, more events.
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