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Thank you so much for choosing to be part of our community.    Not only are you making new content and an event like Slot Con possible, but you're also joining the coolest group of slot players around.    Welcome.

As a Low Roller, you get:

  • My deepest gratitude
  • Watch early previews of BIG & HUGE WINS
  • See JACKPOTS months before they are released on YouTube
  • Access to The Low Rollers secret Facebook Group.
  • Access to the Slot Con Meet & Greet.
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  • During one video a month, VegasLowRoller will give a shoutout to anyone on this patron tier (shoutout can be to your real name, a fake name, your website, or any of your social media names).
  • Access to The Low Rollers secret Facebook Group.
  • Access to the Slot Con Meet & Greet.
  • No Porn, No Drugs, No Online Casinos, and nothing else deemed as controversial by VLR.
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  • A private email address for you to email VegasLowRoller (and get a guaranteed response).
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  • Access to The Low Rollers secret Facebook Group.
  • Access to the Slot Con Meet & Greet.




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About VegasLowRoller

My patreon will be updated with all new goals and rewards over the next 30 days.  

Stay tuned and thank you for your continued support.

Ooh, fancy!  How does this all work?

It's easy.  Think of Patreon as a tip jar.  

Click Become A Patron, find a tier level that most matches what you want, and become a patron!  That's all there is to it!

Being a patron at ANY TIER gives you access to the secret Facebook group and ALL the patron-only exclusive previews and sneak peeks.  

You do not need to come to SlotCon to be a Low Roller and enjoy ALL the exclusive benefits the Low Roller crew gets.

Become a Low Roller TODAY!

Here are some of the awesome new things YOU, the Low Rollers, will make possible:

  • One extra video per week.
  • Mesquite vs Primm.
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A chat.
  • An amazing new series.
  • ...and much more.

Do I get everything from the lower tiers when I sign up for a higher tier?

No.  This is very important.  Each tier has its very own perks that are clearly defined.  This is in order to offer people a way to guarantee spots at SlotCon events without them interfering with one another.

So, for example, if you sign up for The Email Address tier, you do not get the perks of The Shoutout tier (or vice versa).

You do not need to come to Slot Con to be part of the Low Rollers.

So what is SlotCon?

For years everyone has been asking me to have a channel meet & greet so that we can all hang out together in Las Vegas.  Having resisted for long enough, the time has come for us have one epic party together in sin city.  

SlotCon takes place August 17th, 18th, and 19th of 2018.  Here is the current itinerary:

August 17th
  • Showroom Tour & Q&A at Ainsworth (Time TBD)
  • Meet & Greet (Time TBD)
  • Group Pull (Time TBD)
August 18th:
  • Event (TBA)
  • Group Dinner (Time TBD)
  • Group Pull (Time TBD)
August 19th:
  • Event (TBA)
  • Event (TBA)
  • Group Pull (Time TBD)

Do I need to buy a ticket to attend SlotCon?

Not really.  You only need to become a patron at the $5 level or above to get access to the Slot Con Meet & Greet on August 17th.   That's it!  

Security will verify your name against a list of patrons at the door of the Meet & Greet, and in you'll go for snacks, a Q&A, and some laughs with new friends.

What about the group dinners, showroom tours, and other events?

Space will be limited at those events and we can't possibly accommodate everyone who would want to attend.  So, for those who wish, you can guarantee yourself a spot at any (or all) of the events by picking the patron tier that most interests you.  

Remember that you must be a patron for at least 10 months on the guarantee tiers, and tickets to those who remained on their tier for at least 10 months will be mailed out in July of 2018.  

First come, first serve.  No Refunds.

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One extra video every week.

VegasLowRoller currently produces and uploads two (2) videos to YouTube every week. When this milestone is reached, VLR will begin producing and uploading three (3) videos to YouTube every week.
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