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Fankids are basic fans. You like me! :)

Fankids get:

  • A lovely Thank-You message from me :)
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You might notice the proliferation of "random." ;)

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BehindtheScenesFans get all the stuff Fankids get, plus:

  • Behind the scenes fiction-related posts - Get deleted scenes, setting sketches, character character sheets, etc
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BackstageFans like to see how stuff works! ;) You get all the benefits of the previous levels, plus:

  • Indie publishing backstage scoop: I'll post at least 1x/month about the indie-pub journey so you can see all the trials and tribulations! These posts will also be open for questions. It's some craziness out here!
  • Input on stories when I'm trying to make a decision: You guys will be the ones I come to for brainstorming advice! 
  • Excerpts from a random Work in Progress  

Not a bad haul for $5 ;)




Hello Patron-type people! :)

I'm a writer of weird things, an editrix extraordinaire, and a little bit of a nerd. I love the show Supernatural and was devastated when Sense8 was cancelled (Damn you, Netflix!). Urban fantasy tends to be my genre of choice for reading, but I've also had a long love affair with horror. I live in Atlanta, GA, with my hubby — who is also my muse :)  — and three cats who basically rule the house, but won’t pay the mortgage.

I've spent the last ten years helping other writers improve their craft and in 2018, I decided that it was time to focus on my own writing! I've already released a novel and a short story in the Soul Cavern series, and have a few more up my sleeve!

My first indie release is Jivaja, the first book of the Soul Cavern series. The first five chapters can be found for free here. There's a bit more behind the wall for Patrons, as well!

I've discovered that I quite like the "trope, but not trope" vibe. For example, Jivaja is a vampire book without vampires. The Visci do live on human blood, but they are not undead humans. So vampires, but not vampires. I also have an upcoming series that has zombies, but not zombies.

It's a thing ;)

So that's my writing! I hope you like the rewards I've set up. I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you! 

Also, I love to travel and I go to a lot of conventions, so I'll be sure to post updates on where I will be and when. I hope to be able to connect with some of my Patrons at various conventions too!

And in closing...
I've been called the kind of evil that inspires hugs. ;) 

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When we reach this goal, I will start a new Patreon post series where I interview one Patron per month, available to all Patron tiers. It'll be your time in the spotlight! Your 15 minutes of fame!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts

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