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The Venusian Peace Project 


I am a classical musician, philosopher and writer, very much occupied with questions of harmony.

Me at the piano.

The Venusian Peace Project (VPP) is an ambitious undertaking, aiming at nothing less than world peace. How is it they say? Aim above the mark to hit the mark.  

Ambitious projects do not succeed by themselves, or just by clever marketing or because some meme "goes viral". So let's make something clear from the start. Let me scare you a bit. Or rather challenge you. It can be necessary in these times when most everything is streamlined, when clicking or liking is the maximum effort we can muster.


Reading and pondering this material might take intellectual effort, could make you slightly tired, could even kill some brain cells.

That felt silly, but I think it is necessary. If you are just looking for entertainment or titillation, this is not the place for it. If you want to make the world a more harmonious place, it might be.

Peace is no piece of cake, it's the pièce de résistance! The attitude needed is that of The last Starfighter.

Desperation is actually optional. Dedicated intelligent effort is much preferable. And the fact that you have found your way here indicates that you are a dedicated, intelligent thinker, ready to sacrifice some brain cells for peace.  

Change of balance and "Venusiation"

This project hinges on two essential factors. 

1) A change of balance.

War, and things pertaining to war, are ACTIVE, action-filled, and somehow exiting. Think of action movies, tournaments, computer games, sports like boxing or football, heated discussions, political debates, etc.  

Peace on the other hand is seen as something PASSIVE. Lofty, solemn, very important for sure. But also abstract, hard to grasp, and if we are frank about it, a bit boring.

A Ferdinand the Bull kind of thing. 

This needs to be turned around.

If peace is to have a chance it must become much more active and exiting. Even fun! And all the energy and excitement of war needs to be calmed down -- or still better -- converted into non-violent, preferably artistic expressions.  

One touch of Venus

2) Peace needs to get closer to Venus.

Mars is said to be the bringer of war. We generally understand war and martian energies. Even a small child has a grasp of what war is, and certainly nobody needs to take a course in quarreling or squabbling.

Venus is said to be the bringer of peace, but it is much less understood (unless you are an artist working in her service). 

If the word "peace" is the container (vase), Venus is the content.  Venusian qualities like art, harmony, beauty, balance and love need to come to the fore.


V.P.P. has three facets. 

Prepare for Peace

is the main one. A positive vision that tries to create tools for approaching the high but not impossible ideal of global peace.

Zeitgeist Research

is about critical observation. Finding the precursor of peace -- clarity -- is not as feel-good or palatable as the first facet, but just as a doctor needs to diagnose a messy disease, peace workers need to understand our modern “gods”, the Sacred Cows of our times.

Mindfulosophy or Slow thought

is practical training in individual peace thinking. Word Peace is part of World Peace. Mental keys are explored with which to enter the “Peace Room” — a space we visit too seldom, if ever.

Roots are needed

If peace is to be more than a beautiful, solemn word  it must change. Naivety will not help us. Peace will not fall into our mouths from the skies or come to us via Santa Claus.

Specialization does not help either. Peace cannot be the concern of a small number of professional peace workers, as some kind of special interest. It needs to engulf our whole life.

Besides political, economical, diplomatic peace, grassroots peace is needed. We need to understand that each one of us is a leaf on the Tree of Peace, radiant or slightly withered. 

If we are the world, world peace is a personal concern.

The current world situation is so chaotic and violent, so filled with hate and other "seeds of war" that we badly need to get our act together. Really together. To concentrate. Be centripetal. Undivided.

In the words of Indian teacher Nisargadatta: You can have for the asking all the peace you want, but you must ask with an undivided heart. If you want peace, deserve it. Those only deserve it, who don’t disturb it.


I may be idealistic and suffering from hubris, but I don't think that I can create world peace alone. Obviously help and support is needed. 

The immediate concern is freeing up time. I need to be at least somewhat free from the demands of a day job to be able to make a concerted effort. And money is just one kind of fuel. Enthusiasm is another kind, and it often comes from interaction. 

If you are in Sweden you can also support through Swish: 0765-740140

And before I forget: the aim is to have all Patreon posts accessible to everybody, paying as well as non-paying/poor visitors.  


For me Patreon confuses things. "Patron" and "fan" are not the same thing. I see your support as a reward for my efforts. Rewarding you for rewarding me is a strange loop.

No offence, but support me for my work and output. I thank you but have no time or energy for creating T-shirts and other "perks".

Thank you for understanding.  

Here are the addresses of the Venusian Peace Project. 

THE WEBSITE (the place for the content)
Social sites:

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