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Who are we?
As our tag-line suggests, we're six women from across the globe:
Deb in Philadelphia
Erika in Edmonton
Katrina in Edmonton
Liz In Kirkcudbrightshire
Lynne in Urbana
And Tansy in Tasmania!

What do we do?
We get together to chat about Doctor Who on the internet! We review new episodes as they're airing, and when they're not, we talk about all manner of fun (and sometimes important) Doctor Who-related topics.

When do we release the podcast?
We release content every week on Wednesday! (Wednesday not guaranteed if you live "in the FUTURE" -- Hello Australia!)

We release episodes weekly, and we have a theme for each year -- like picking representative episodes for each Doctor, or chatting about villains or companions. When we're not talking about our annual theme (or reviewing new episodes of Doctor Who!), we release "Extras", which are usually shorter, sillier, and can be about anything--from costumes to companions to fandom to feminism. Sometimes we even play games!

Where do we record?
I think we already covered that. We're all over the globe! I suppose if you consider Skype a "location", then that's where we do it. Yes. We record in cyberspace!

How do we put it together?
We want each podcast to be a naturally flowing conversation. We don't edit out content, though we do strive to give you the best sound quality possible! To that end, we talk to each other on Skype, but we each record our own voice to a separate mp3 file. Everyone sends their file to Erika, and she works some technical magic to put all the tracks together, add music, and make it sound as clear as possible. If you want (slightly out-of-date) details about the technical mumbo jumbo, Erika talks about it in this Macworld article.

Why do we do it?
It boils down to the fact that we all passionately love Doctor Who. Some of us grew up with it. Some of us came to it later in life. But we all love it so much we'd be talking about it even if we weren't recording it for all the internet to hear.

In fact, we, along with a lot of other women, were talking about it--at conventions (often at the bar), via email, on social media...wherever we could! And while there are some really great Doctor Who podcasts out there, we couldn't find one that looked at the show from a female perspective. Our goal in creating Verity! was to take those casual and sometimes passionate conversations and transplant them to the internet. And something really great happened along the way: people of all ages, genders, and levels of fannish devotion listened!

We think fun, friendliness, and serious topics aren't mutually exclusive. We aren't kidding when we say we're opinionated and we frequently agree to disagree. We think that just makes things more interesting.

Beyond the basic questions...
Now that we've covered the questions, we want to point out a couple of things. First of all, we're not offering any rewards. We're not giving extra attention/stuff to people who pledge money. We'll continue to put out the podcast just has we have been, and we hope each and every one of you enjoy it.

That said, we might add some nifty goals soon. If we do, they'll be equal-opportunity fun things that will be open to ALL listeners. Maybe we'll do a ridiculous commentary as a bonus release. (Yes--that would mean two releases that week!) Or we'll schedule some random drawings for cool stuff! (We can afford occasional cool stuff if we're not shelling out as much for hosting costs every month.) If you have ideas for goals that would be fun for everyone, let us know here, on our website, or on Twitter!

The bottom line:
We're not here to soak you for cash. If you like the show and want to support us and help cover our costs, that's fantastic! If you simply want to continue enjoying the show for free every week, that's fantastic too! We love you all. <3
$75 - reached! per released podcast
If we reach $75, we'll do a random drawing every three months for a $25 gift code for free stuff! Who doesn't love free stuff?
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