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Who We Are

The Veterans Cannabis Coalition is a group of DC-based, post-9/11 military veterans with extensive experience in public policy and advocacy who are working to change federal laws and end cannabis prohibition.

Our community has been racked by high suicide rates, high overdose rates, and diminished quality of life due to the lack of effective, legal treatments for our service-connected injuries.
Available research and anecdotal evidence supports the efficacy of medicinal cannabis, as does the vast majority of the American public polled on the issue. We believe that the voices of the veteran community will play a decisive role in bringing medicinal cannabis access to all Americans, and aim to do our part to ensure that patients and doctors can treat their conditions without fear of criminal sanction or loss of employment.

But the personal agendas of some lawmakers, coupled with the overall legislative inertia in Congress, stands in the way of common-sense laws and research funding. This issue requires a dynamic, professional, and persistent advocacy organization to knock down the bureaucratic roadblocks, and the Veterans Cannabis Coalition is here to serve.

What We Do

The Veterans Cannabis Coalition is focused on engaging federal lawmakers, their staff, and the general public through education events like discussions and round-tables, collecting and presenting veteran testimonials on their individual experience treating themselves with cannabis, and advocating on Capitol Hill for just and equitable cannabis laws.

While legalization may seem like an inevitability, veterans with an existential need for medicinal cannabis are being denied that option right now and are suffering because of political inaction. Congress has an explicit obligation to provide veterans with best healthcare possible, and by denying veterans medicinal cannabis access they are derelict in their duty.

We are working to make our government accountable, but we need your assistance. Please consider funding our independent advocacy, and help us bring an end cannabis prohibition and establish medicinal access for millions of Americans.
$18.19 of $1,500 per month
At $1500/mo, we can produce 4-5 high-quality multimedia veteran testimonials and host 2-3 public education events every month.
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