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Patreon is optional, please do not pledge if you do not have any money. The Patreon will help to pay for my GFX Designers, help to fund my Minecraft server & pay for better equipment.
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Lil Patreon
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- You will get the exclusive 'Patreon Rank' on my Discord Server.

- You will be put in the description of my videos being thanked for supporting me.

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- Followed Back on Twitter

- Followed Back on Instagram

Plus all previous awards.

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- Become a beta tester for my Minecraft server (also help program if you know how)

- Added to my YouTube Sub-Box.

- Personal Shoutout at either the beginning or end of my videos.

 Plus all previous awards. 

$0 of $50 per month
This goal is to go towards paying for GFX, this being New banners, profile pictures and thumbnails for my channel. This goal is also going towards funding a current in development Minecraft server. It will also go towards getting better equiptment for my channel.
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