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Everyone, I can not express all the love I am feeling right now. I want to give you all a big and tight hug, and thank you the whole time! You might think you are not doing much, but you are! You are making my dream world a step closer to reality. Is thanks to you, that my content can be online for free, so thank you so much!!
Feel free to donate as much as you want, the prizes stays the same every month. 

  • Credits in every video/comic chapter
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I do this game on my Instagram stories and at conventions. Is called: Pick a Expression and a Character, and I will draw it for you

The Rules are simple. I have a catalog with pre-made expressions and faces (made by other artists to everyone to use), and I let anyone who desires to participate to pick one expression and ANY character of their liking. It can be a character from a cartoon, a anime/manga, movie, a celebrity, a youtuber, in short, if I can google a reference picture, I will draw it.

Anyone who donate to this Tier will get a drawing from me, no questions asked, each month. 
It is a One time benefit tho, so I can draw to more than the same 10 people.

You Also get:
  • Credits in every video/comic chapter
  • Access to my Patreon Blog, full of sneak peaks of videos, pages and more
  • Access to polls




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Hello and Welcome everyone to my Patreon page!

My name is Vi Cardoso, I am an Brazilian comic book artist and just proclaimed YouTuber. I want to thank each and everyone of you, who are willing to help me out on making a living with what I love. Each dollar you give me is a step closer to my dream job, and you guys are my heros because of it.

What do you do exactly?

I am a independent artist. Which mean I do all the writing, art, editing and I bank all the publication by myself. Same thing with YouTube. I record, edit and publish everything alone.
Since is a lot of work for one person alone, finish each project takes time and a lot of preparation. It take at least 6 months to publish a new comic, and a few weeks to complete a new piece of art and more complex videos. I also go to conventions here and Brazil from time to time, but I would ADORE go to conventions around the world as well! But that also means I had to pay for the travel, and the convention feeds, once again by myself.

I want to dedicate 100% of my time with this, so I can publish my work faster, but unfortunately that is not how it is yet. I still looking for a part time job to pay rent, buy food and other expences in the house (like taking care of my cat). Hopefully, in time, I will be able to be a full time artist.

Well, what are you working right now?

I am glad you asked! Right now I am working on my slice of life comic series: Meetings in Ichigo-Ichi Café. I still not aware of how many chapters I am going to write, but is a whole series that goes around four group of people and the relationships they share.

Right now, I am also working on videos reviews for youtube, heavly inspired on channels like Superbutterbuns, Mr. Clamps, SuperEyePatchWolf, and many others. I am also planning on adventuring myself in the world of Animatics, and I would like to start this adventure by doing Beetlejuice's animatics

Where can I read/watch your content?

Another fantastic question! All my work is avalible for free on my Website and on my Instagram.  In there you will find my comics, videos, illustrations, as well my online shop, both in english and in portuguese.
I also post my comics on Tapas, and my videos are all available on my YouTube Channel, all for free. I personally believe that art must be shared with everyone, and I am more than happy to have people reading what I do, and enjoying the worlds I create and stories I tell. If I restrain people to read what I do, being by always charging money to read my comics online, or only letting people see my illustrations if they pay for it, I would make a huge bridge between you guys and me, not to mention most would start pirating my projects (or maybe charging themselves), and I don't want none of that.

In a perfect world, I would make my content and I would share to everyone  without even thinking of gaining any money. This world might not exist, but I do hope with Patreon, we can make a compromise. You guys give me the amount you CAN pay, and with this money, I give you all quality content!

How are you using your Patreon's Money?

Okay, this is a very important question, and I will anwser with honesty.

I will use the patreon money for the following things:

- Pay for my artistic expences. That includes Prints payments, new materials like markers, softwares, pencils and paper, video equipments and other things. I will also use this money for pay for my shop expences, like paying for producing pins, stickers, T-shirts and other products I want to produce. 
After all, you need to spend money to earn money.

- Pay for House expences. Things like food, cleaning products, my kitty food and vet, taxes, rent, and many other things I need to pay to keep a roof over my head.

- Pay for reference products. That includes comic books, artbooks, and even my netfilx membership. As much as I like to consume those things for fun, I also use everything I read and watch for work as well.

- Traveling for work

If I get enough money to cover all that and still have extra money to spend, I would like to donate to charities. Both in Brazil and around the globe. I will always tell my Patreons about those donations on posts, and I will never use more than I can.

I will NOT use the money for:

- Fun outings. That includes bars, dates, amusement parks, vacations and anything that doesnt concern work.

- Collection itens. Like dolls,  and decoration

- To support other creators. Unless my Patreons allow me to. I will always ask on a poll

Thank you all so much to read until the end, and I hope I convinced you to help me out. If you are not able to, no problem! Everything I do will still be out for free, so no worries! As long I am making art, and you are liking it, I am satisfied.

$0 of $300 per month
We are getting there!

We were able to create a small, and yet loving, community.
You guys are making my dream come true, and I love each and everyone of you for that.
Let's keep going!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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