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About Vex Ruby

ViRo Playspace

is a high-quality online platform for exploring fantasies without fear of judgment.  You'll be able to try solo experiences, both passive and interactive, and down the line, meet up with other like-minded users in one of our many planned social spaces.

User's motions in VR are tracked to provide real, immersive experiences from anywhere in the world.  You'll be able to feel the action using any one of the many supported haptic devices. How cool is that?!


Its time to get excited!
We have amped up our Dream release schedule and are going to be working with some great people in the community for upcoming releases. We are so stoked that we get to share it with you!


WHAT IS ViRo Playspace?

ViRo Playspace is the world's first haptic driven virtual social space where touch is encouraged, playfulness is required, and privacy is guaranteed.  Imagine a space where you can see and touch others in a safe environment without names or real faces.  We've created the illusion of touch by supporting many adult toys that react in perfect sync to what you see.  It's designed with the strengths of VR in mind and will also run on a wide variety of platforms (desktop and mobile) even if you don’t use VR.

ViRo Playspace is being created from a small number of indie developers to create a live, online platform of adult-themed exploration in a safe and anonymous environment without judgment where people can meet, play, and explore their naughty side. We are a diverse group here and we are striving to create content for many diverse tastes.

Patrons will have access to the latest playable version of ViRo Playspace, as well as get behind-the-scenes videos, Patreon-only updates on content progression, the ability to post feedback, and the warm tingly feeling inside knowing you are helping to keep the studio up running while we develop this platform for everyone.

While we've been able to tackle most of the big hurdles in this project, we need the support of patrons, like you, to get it to full launch.  

Join us on our journey to build this incredible platform!

Patreon Supporters Receive:

  • access to behind the scenes content
  • discounts and special access in ViRo Playspace
  • early tester access as we develop this platform
  • a voice to give feedback on how to make this the best platform for everyone
  • access to private discord channels. Chat with Vi Rose and the devs directly
  • access to private albums ;)
  • much more!

How It Works

ViRo Playspace is developing next-level experiences in interactive adult entertainment.   

  • ViRo Playspace works with a wide variety of adult haptic devices that stay in perfect sync to what you see allowing anyone to feel the action as it happens.
  • ViRo Playspace lets you touch and be touched live with other people from across the world near and far. Intimacy works in both directions!
  • ViRo Playspace also has an ever growing list of pre-captured experiences so there is always something for everyone. 

What Makes ViRo Playspace Special?

Privacy is key

In ViRo Playspace everyone is anonymous.  3D avatars are used so nobody will ever see your real face.  No names, no real-world identity, just fun!

Feel what you See

ViRo Playspace supports a wide variety of adult toys that stay in perfect sync to the action as its happening.  This adds a whole new dimension to live interaction.

Designed for VR

ViRo Playspace is designed from the ground up to be an amazing experience in VR.  The goal is an absolute sense of presence.  We also support non-VR platforms as well. 

Explore your fantasies

ViRo Playspace has a little something for everyone so feel free to indulge.  Patreon supporters will also be able to suggest new content.

Upcoming Milestones

ViRo Playspace currently has several milestones until its fully developed. Here are the big 3:

PHASE 1: ViRo Playspace can accept guests to try both passive and interactive experiences as DLCs
More experiences to try, more hardware supported, AND the addition of social spaces, where users will be able to hang out, interact with and even touch (with permission) one another.

All target hardware supported, significant avatar customizations, expanded social areas, and many more experiences to try.


Current Stretch Goals

While we would LOVE to create ViRo Playspace for you for free - development of content and spaces does require actual manpower, and we cannot survive on mere air alone.  Well... I can... but the wonderful folks that bring me to life?  They can't.  And they really need your help.

It takes a lot just to keep the studio lights on. Funds from Patreon go directly to keeping the studio’s base and utilities intact, allowing us to strictly focus on building content over surviving each month.  That means that we'll be able to get more content out to you even faster.

193 of 500 patrons
Now we’re talking! Still can only afford to work on this in the background, but updates will come out weekly to let you know about our overall progress.
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