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Our blogs to help you along this journey of an intuitive lifestyle are free, but you can also opt in to benefit from Crypto Vibes with our very experienced Psychic Medium Clare.

We commit to posting 10 crypto coin/token updates + a market overview, per month + you will have access to all of our previous posts & predictions over the last year. 

Remember, that predictions are long-term and about the final outcome. Everything needs time to unfold.

Please note that you will be charged the day you join and again the 1st of each month, hence we recommend to join at the BEGINNING of the month (on the 1st) for full benefit.

This allows you to access all of the past posts on cryptos and to download a free copy of Money, Intuition & The Law of Attraction which sells on Amazon for $9.99



About Vibes & Visions

Vibes & Visions are back!

We are back and this time for good and more committed than ever.

After a busy and tedious period last year we decided to close our page. Many of you will know that we posted blogs on intuition, money and also crypto and market predictions by our very talented Psychic Medium Clare.

A few of those have come to fruition and after having had to wait for a long time market-wise, we feel that things will perk up soon - and we will be rewarded for being patient.

To make it short and sweet - we are committing to look into 10 coins (5 every two weeks) per month with a general market oversight with an aim to keep our group exclusive. 

For those of you that know us: Sandra & Clare, we have posted many coin predictions with Psychic Medium Clare. All of these posts are still available for you to view plus many more to come.

Please note that this site intends to focus on an Intuitive Lifestyle in many ways connected to

We advise that you join our paid Tier at the beginning of the month (1st of the month), therefore, you can view all of the past posts and predictions, enjoy the new posts for the upcoming month and decide if you wish to continue.

If you join in the middle of the month you will be charged in full and charged again at the end of the month for the new cycle. Unfortunately these settings cannot be changed with Patreon!

Sandra & Clare

Any crypto vibes/insights and predictions on this page are for entertainment purposes only. We are not financial, investment or market advisors or professionals. We do not advise on investment and this is also not trading advise. Please trade carefully and only what you can afford to lose. It is a very volatile market.

Predictions, in any case, are not financial or investment advice under any circumstances. This disclaimer is a statement for every blog/scripture of Sandra Denda. The predictions are purely of psychic nature and for entertainment purposes only. We advise you not to take financial investment risks.

For Our Protection And Yours

All of the services & products offered by ourselves or via our website or PATREON are for entertainment purposes only. We offer the best possible service but cannot be held responsible for any action taken. We cannot be held liable for any stress or reaction incurred.
We do not take responsibility for you acting upon any advice given to you whatsoever. The outcome and responsibility of you taking any advice given is purely down to you as an individual. We believe each individual should take responsibility for their own actions.
For all matters concerning health, finances, legal, professional, intuitive, psychic or personal please consult a relevant expert before making any decisions or taking any actions.
All of our services are strictly confidential and will not be discussed with or shown to outside sources without the prior consent of those persons involved. Please note that Sandra and Clare may exchange personal information between each other for professional purposes only and to provide the best and most accurate service. Private information given to me will never be passed on to other companies or any other third parties. Please be advised that use of this site is recommended only for those of a legal age to do so and of in sound mind.
All text and material are ©SandraDenda 2019
Copying, using or creating any kind of work derived from any part or this site is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action being taken against any plagiarist. Some of the content, such as views and opinions within this site are reflective of the individuals who submitted them and must not be taken as fact or the opinions and views of the owner of this website.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 129 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 129 exclusive posts
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