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About VICE R34

Hey, I'm Vice

What I make is parody, pleasure through a soft degree of ridicule. Considering the medium I try to keep a clean atmosphere, naturally all are welcome.

The core of this parody is NSFW storytelling. I plan shots, write scripts, create animatics, handle sound design, commission voice artists, build sets, build models, make everything move, light the scene, and a whole lot more. Below is more information about how I run things and some billing details, please read all of it before pledging.

How it works

  • Patrons extend animations they like by voting for it again or choosing new stuff. 
  • Patrons can collectively chose characters, skins, and positions. After that is done a complete animatic will be released so everyone understands the plan and scope of work. 
  • Decisions are divided by the tiers so the more vested patrons are- the more input they have.
  • Early access has value to me. I usually hold onto things for 1-4 weeks before sharing 720p content with the public.

Character Polls - When these open the community is deciding who's story will receive attention next. I make animatics to help people discern from the stories in progress. If a character has not been made yet then an animatic will be made for them after they have won in a Character poll. After that the community will have access to a Detail poll. If an animatic has already been planned for the winning character, there will not be a Detail poll.
Detail Polls - These open after the Character poll closes. This is how patrons can select a series of positions for the animation. I will take the top shots in the polls and construct an animatic from these votes. If an animatic has already been planned for the winning character, this does not apply, and the detail poll will not open until there is a new character.
Artists Choice - 3 months out of the year I will work on content that has not been voted for. These are spaced out and are meant to introduce new content and give me some breathing room for something new.

Right now I offer characters from these universes:

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Teen Titans
Leage of Legends
Final Fantasy
Various others

I customize everything I release to bump quality and avoid legal suit.
** If you pledge please only do so to support me.**
** I charge upfront and cannot grant refunds.**

I can't guarantee content will release in a single billing cycle. I focus on quality, not time. That means I need continuous support, and release when things are ready. Sometimes you get more, sometimes you get less. It's all subjective, but the general idea is that the billing cycle does not guarantee a schedule. supporting me guarantees access to rewards, not when it will be available

Legal Disclaimer - Everything here is fan art of the characters we've all been swooned by. I do not own the rights to any characters. All artistic interpretation and depictions of characters are18+, willing, and pass the Harkness test with flying colors. Content produced will eventually be released else where for free, Patrons receive early access by pledging.

$833.92 of $4,000 per month
I'll quit my day job
This will be the only thing that I do and you will get damn good animation. This number is high because I need health insurance to live.
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