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Hey there, I'm Victorique.
I'm a writer who mostly writes serials one chapter at a time, often set in the days of the past with a light fantastical twist. My stories have large casts of characters and explore dark themes through its settings and plot. 

I’m currently working on three works, Within A Grey Twilight and A Maiden's Strange Voyage. Within A Grey Twilight is a story based on moving on and that nothing is ever indeed kept a secret or forgotten, focusing on a boy trying to repay a debt and facing his past. While the latter is an adventure fantasy, about a girl's coming of age and focuses on the theme of growing up and the responsibility that comes with it. As of May 1st, 2019, I have decided to take a break from A Maiden's Strange Voyage after completing the first volume. Instead, it will now be Unravelling The Ashes, inspired by 17th Century England, about witch hunts and a potion bar ran by a warlock and a witch in search of their master.

I can also be found on RoyalRoad and WebNovel under InTheEndlessMidnight.

The edited chapters and first drafts can be found here, on my website: 

You can also interact with me through discord by joining my server and ask any questions:

I chose to keep my work in stages of selections as there is quite a lot of it which change, although the more significant plot points don't change, a lot on how I get there do instead. Thus, causing the shift to drafting instead. And that I'm also working towards publishing my own work, eventually in 2020. Patrons can likely get free copies once I work towards it. 

How will patreon support you and me:

It will help me to continue to own a domain to host my works and get it published. I also have hopes to get it good art, better than what I can produce (stick figure drawings) and in hopes of getting my works to as broad an audience as I can help. Also, it will help me wonder less about moonlighting (getting an actual part-time job).

This patreon page is also to support me as a writer as well, to allow me to continue living and breathing my passion without ever worrying about my finances. Alternatively, whether I can continue to write when I'm working a full-time job. As of now, I'm only a student, and the money will be hugely beneficial to support me and also allow me to focus on writing.

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