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Hi there!!
My name is Josh and I am a music creator/guitarist/video game lover. First, thank you so much for taking the time to see what I am all about. It's people like YOU that help and encourage creators to do what they love. That kind of generosity has to be revered!

Now, like I said, I love music and video games and for awhile I have been thinking of ways to include both of my passions in some creative way, so what I will be doing is the following:

I Stream on twitch @VideoGamingMaestro so follow me there!
I have a Youtube channel known as The Video Gaming Maestro where I break down themes and melodies from my favorite video games, It's also where my twitch streams end up!

I am the only person working on these videos so sending me love is the best way to keep me motivated and the desire is for me to be a full-time creator. I currently work full-time in retail so finding enough time to create can be tricky. With your help, I can leave retail and do what I love. So, If you like my content please consider helping me grow and achieve my dream! 
Much love,
Josh M
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