Viet Phan

is creating side hustle 📈 while still having a full time job 🤖




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About Viet Phan

Hey! I am Viet.

A white collar office dron in his mid 30's from Vietnam living in Czech  .

Spent my best years following common path set by society. Study hard then work hard .

Shortly after turning 30 i realized i wasn't happy with my life. So i quitted smoking and started doing calisthenics

Reaching my goal of 10 pull ups in a year taught me, that there is so much more in life than hard work.

That way my journey towards reaching my fullest potential began.

My next goal is to build side hustle and earn $200 monthly of side income .

Currently working on:
THEHUSTLE.APP - The best productivity tool for daily hustling and self development
VPHVENTURES.COM - Personal blog about my journey
GOOD HOUSE MUSIC - Youtube channel showcasing the best soulful house music
FINANCIA.CZ - A personal finance product catalogue build with Flask

If you want to watch me creating profitable side hustles and also feeling really generous, you can buy me a coffee or udemy courses by becoming my Patron. Or just send 3$ to my PayPal address.

Thank you 🙏

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