Viga is creating Videos about Anime Idols!

$2 /mo
A thank you for being super awesome and your name in the credits!

$5 /mo
You will have early access to all blog posts and episodes of The Idols of Anime. You will also be in the credits of all videos as a thank you!

$10 /mo
Whoa! Ten bucks! THANKS! In addition to the 5 dollar reward, I'll promote a work you do to my followers on my Twitter and Facebook. (Within reason. I prefer things SFW.) You will also be in the cre...

$20 /mo
Everything to this point such as early access and a thank you, but the promotion will be in the video itself as a sponsor. Also the $2 and $5 dollar levels.

$30 /mo
WOW! THANKS! 30 dollars gets you a commissioned drawing of ONE of your favorite idols in anime. (No hentai please. Fanservice-y poses are allowed within reason) Also the $2 and $5 dollar levels.

$50 /mo
If you want me to talk about a certain idol or subject by themselves (Such as a short 3 minute video devoted to Nico Yazawa or a video about how great Haruka Amami may be.) I will do it as an Idols...