Ella McConnell and Jennie Gyllblad are creating Vigor Mortis: an online graphic novel

$1 /creation
(£0.59) Every little helps! Your patronage is very much appreciated, and as well as getting access to the special patron-only feed, your name will be credited both on the website a...

$3 /creation
(£1.78) As well as a name credit and access to the patron-only feed, you’ll also get discounted admission to sessions of the Vigor Mortis LARP (and any of the other crazy live stuf...

$5 /creation
(£2.97) At this tier and above you’ll be able to ask the characters of Vigor Mortis questions, which I’ll then write an in-character reply to and Jennie will rustle up an accompanying sketch for.

$10 /creation
(£5.95) In addition to all the previous rewards, you will also get a 50% discount on any printed issues of Vigor Mortis we produce.

$15 /creation
(£8.92) As well as all the previous rewards, patrons at this level will receive a signed limited edition patron-only print once the first issue is completed as well as PDF versions...

$20 /creation
(£11.90) In addition to everything else AND a miniature sketched portrait by Jennie, you will also be able to get behind the scenes of the design and creation of the Vigor Mortis t...