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About Viirin

I'm Viirin, a guy with an autobiography I might write, but we'll just have to see. I traumatized my own therapist with it, so it would be better if my situation improves first so I don't make myself psychologically worse while doing it.

The patron tiers all do the same thing- fund artists. Just the level depends on how much you can and want to give. The more I get, the more the artist gets, and the more they'll work.

I came to Patreon because one of my fans suggested it, and who am I to argue? The creator, that's who! But it was a good idea and timed well with what's going on, so I did it.

I hope all of you enjoy my creations- my goal in life is to make one BILLION people smile. Smiling because someone likes what I do, smiling because I'm so stupid and unfunny that it actually IS funny, smiling because you're confused, smiling because I got something wrong and you see me as less than half as smart as I tell myself I am? That all counts. Will I ever reach this number? No, I won't, but that's the point!

My future plans for my work? Let's look at things in order of popularity as of February 25, 2017, since that's the day I'm writing this.

Azure Wyrm
Summary: Roleplaying game. You are a slime that can incorporate any chemical solution, colonize any disease, and replicate any body parts or instincts of plants and animals you eat. Eventually you become a dragon of your own design.
Plans: Since even before I made it into a text-based forum roleplay, I had wanted it to be a fully 3D PC RPG, but that would cost the kinds of money that I don't have. So, if I'm able, then that's the end result. In between then and now are a few other things I'd like to do, including:
-Have a website built properly so all the posts from all the threads from all the sites it has been on can be collected and reconstructed chronologically. Each player would have an account created in the name I originally met them as, and their posts under their account name, with the original time and date manually input. Basically, every player can transition effortlessly and all information is kept, no matter what it was.
-A web-based picture novel be drawn that follows each slime, from release to current state. There are a few fight scenes I really wanna see!

So, Reincarnation Didn't Work Like I Thought...
Summary: A webnovel that follows a man living without hope, who was dying alone in a hospital, depressed. Then he was murdered. He reincarnated as a monster in a world full of magic.
Plans: I'd like to just get it so the book goes onto my own site, too. Various readers have requested audiobook and hardcopy versions of each chapter. This came up in a conversation with a friend of mine, who is a professional graphic designer (Pancho Lightsout on Twitch) who said he wanted to get into voice acting, so I agreed. While gaming, one of the guys I write collaborative stories with said that he would like to do such a thing too, so I'm looking into letting him. Support people on their own dreams, right?
Pancho would require pay for the voice-acted audiobook chapters (Chapter 1 is free, he said), so I'd use some of the Patron income on paying him. He's also the one that did the cover for this book for free, voluntarily.

Eugene Comics
Summary: A web comic that is equal parts 'intentionally offensive' and 'refreshingly relatable'. The story follows a superhero psychologist who uses super powers from video games and cartoons to kill those who are unrepentantly cruel, or inexcusably oblivious.
Plans: I'm well aware that I'm a terrible artist. Donations and subscriptions would partially go to pay an artist. They are expensive people! But anyway, these are my plans:
-Get the comic onto my own site (which needs to be built)
-The first episode was just homework for art class in college. It was fun to write, but I'm distractable. Anyway, when I was homeless I started writing it more because I didn't have the internet. As I was given various colors of ink, better paper, colored pencils, crayons, and all sorts of other art supplies to continue working by other homeless people who wanted to read more, I came up with a new art direction. But I'm not talented enough to pull it off and my scanner is finicky with color, so I can't even try. Two art styles. 'Mundane' style is black and white, realistic. 'Enchanted' style is color, and a crossbreed of Eastern and Western art. I might switch which is real and which is color before it begins, though. Someone asked me 'Is all this really happening, or is Eugene just delusional?' and so I thought the art should support both statements.

Copyright Infringement the Trading Card Game
Summary: A trading card game that came about from two nerds (me and a friend) arguing over the phone about which magical items from various franchises could corrupt or cause others to become obsolete.
Plans: Legally speaking, I can't make money on this, so if you were donating or subscribing for this, don't. I couldn't accept.
So far, I've done more than 3,000 cards, and plan on at least 750 more. I stopped using Sumo because it's just a scam and con. Sure I was able to effectively use it for a few years anyway (once I got my bank to fix it) but I'm just going to go entirely GIMP2. Stuff I'd like to do, when I have more time:
-Make easy card decks you can print off yourself on card stock, so you can download the entire game, or in parts, for free, whenever you want. I'd have it on my site, set up in Decks (which really just means each game, cartoon, TV show, etc, as separate decks so you choose what all gets used per session). Want Pokemon and Doctor Who together, but you don't want Megaman and My Little Pony to mix with Dora the Explorer or Back to the Future? Don't download those then. Just get what interests you, ignore what doesn't.
-A 3d PC game. I don't know how to even pull this off legally! But if I could find a way, then each Puzzle Deck piece would effectively be a biome, that might or might not radically change whatever other biome(s) it touched. I'm pretty sure Barter Town (Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome) would have better stuff for trade if it was next door to Yugioh Academy (Yu-gi-oh) and the Death Star (Star Wars).

There are other games I want to make, too!
-Legend of the Legend: As far as you're aware, it's the medieval times. A priest wakes you up in the forest, and tells you that you're the hero, and you have to rescue the princess from the dark wizard! But you've been cursed with an evil spell that makes your health constantly deplete, so concentrate on those healing items! As you start your quest, a plant monster attacks you, blocking your path. After defeating the monster, you eventually come across a small town. Outside the item shop, and outside the alchemist, are treasure chests with healing potions. If you let your health deplete to a certain point, then... odd things start happening. Shopkeepers start yelling at you to get out, and won't sell you things. Buildings start looking different. Potions look and are named different things in your inventory. Spoiler! Magic isn't real, it's the 21st century, that wasn't a forest, those aren't healing potions, that's not an item shop, that isn't a princess, that's not a dark wizard, you aren't cursed with a health-depleting spell. You are just drunk, and it's your buzz wearing off. Depending on how sober/cursed your character is, depends on OH SO MUCH.
-Car Pong: Drive around in a mall parking lot during the zombie apocalypse. You've got a car with a steam shovel in front that acts like a pinball machine launcher. Scoop up zombies and bank them off light posts, fling them into dumpsters, or play ping pong with them in multiplayer! Just beware of the cute little freckled girl with pigtails and an oversized lolipop- she has a rocket launcher.

Also, I wanna build a community. A proper one! I'm able to get most of this stuff for free (to me) by redirecting and interconnecting existing businesses and such, but I still wanna say this:
I want to get some housing, find a way to make it free or stupidly cheap for my tenants/employees. Find out their dreams- they're probably productive ones. Create those industries within easy travel for my people, make it marketable to tourists. I don't wanna actually get into the details here, but step 3: profit.
$1.56 of $120 per month
This would get 4 works of art from the artist per month- one a week.
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