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About VillainCraft

This is a donation page solely for the purpose of making our Community grow, and to support each other! There are different Tiers of Donations if you were thinking about donating!

$1 Tier- Colored name in game
$5 Tier- Nickname in game
$10 Tier- Your choice of a particle Trail

This is all completely optional, and it would help fund the server! :D feel free to donate if you want, if not then enjoy the Server and the Game! 
$84 of $100 per month
Catch up!
First off:  A very warm thank you to our community!  Everyone makes the community what it is.

Another warm thank you to the Patreons.
As of September, 2019, the Community is now fully funded!
No longer does the funding come from the admins pockets.

Our next goal is to ease some of the initial investment costs and to provide a level of transparency we will provide a monthly billing update for the entire community to see.

Billing Information
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