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About VinnieMacMedia

Hi my name is VinnieMac!

I'm a Camera Guy, If it's something I can do with my camera I'm on it! My main passion is Timelapse and Hyperlapse, but I do a good spread of all types of camera work from live streams to portraits. 

The main reason I am looking for support is a little thing called Time Management. First I want to give a little detail of my time management now, and after that I will go into what I am hoping for after.

Let's start off with the issue. I HAVE NO TIME! I work all the time and am thankful that I can support my Wife and 4 cats. But this is work work not projects that are my own. Well don't get me wrong on the camera side I get to do some really fun gigs. I would just like to have more control over my time management and dive deeper into my passion of timelapse and hyperlapse. 

So let's start with the base. I am coming up on my 10 years of having a 40hr a week job in the Data ops Dept at a post production house now called DNEG. I shoot Photos/Videos for a Marketing Company whenever they have work. It has been about 5 years with them. I am the Camera Lead for MixMag Lab LA. We do live Streams weekly for the past 4 years (that I have been apart of) now as well as on location at festivals all over the world. 

On top of all of that I have my own brand "VinnieMacMedia" that I do all kinds of work from Event photos to Producing and Directing teams for festivals.

A few that I have done are Main I-Mag screens on main stage for DoLab @ Lightning in a Bottle 2018 / shooting the Woogie stage as well 2012,2015-2017.
MixMag Lab LA 2016-2020
Desert Hearts 2015-2020
Propel Fitness Festival 2017-2019
Gem & Jam Festival 2015-2018,2020
Zappos Events 2016-2017
Boogaloo Mt Jam 2015-2017
Asahi Beer 2015-2016
Sound the Groove/House of Blues 2012-2016
As well as countless weekend/night events over the past 10 years 

These are just a little list of a few main things I have been doing over the years. So to put this in prospective let's look at my weekly.

Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Dneg / Marketing assignments before/after work or on my lunch as well as events at night when I can 
Friday 6pm-10pm MixMag Lab LA
Friday-Sat Marketing assignments / range of a night or 2 of events and/or any projects that come my way, and I do festivals with this schedule. So with all this intermingled in and a wife and 4 cats I don't get any time off AT ALL, or any time to really focus and dive deeper into my passion of Timelapse/Hyperlapse.

So with your support I will get to change up my full schedule and hopefully take back my time management and turn it towards more projects I'm passionate about and evolving my craft.

I also wanted to make this a place that I can show more of what I do to people that support me. Some of my work I can never really put out on the open internet, or have to wait way past its shooting date to share. So this will be my place to share that work.

Thanks so much for your time and support!!

Burn Bright!
$22.72 of $500 per month
When I reach $500 per month, I’ll hire an editor to help me release more videos on a weekly basis  instead of whenever I have time.
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