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The Violent Life Podcast was created in August 2015 with a clear and specific goal. That mission was to provide useful, entertaining and unique content to the Shadowrun community. We launched with a two segment plan. The first and most important was to create dramatic Shadowrun material in the form of a monthly in character 'Shadowblog' by the shows headline character, Vendetta Violent. It would be different, showing Shadowrun through the eyes of someone who was one foot in the shadows and one foot out. The drama (and trauma) a balancing act like that would create would seem to be somewhat focal while a greater and more hidden plot would slowly develop behind the scenes to spur the series on.

The second was an informational segment aimed at helping players and GM's think outside the traditional box or even to get an inside look at the mindframe and tools others use to bring more passion and flavor into their own home games. 

Since then we've grown to creating fully scripted audio dramas such as our Redmond Born series along with unique actual play content (Tales from the Stuffer Shack) that attempts to immerse the listener into what life in the Sixth World away from the usual mercenary flavor of Shadowrun.

We're excited to be treading some new ground here. After nearly a year of shadowcasts we finally began to break into fully scripted, plot driven audio dramas. To prove that we could do it, we began a new series called Redmond Born which utilizes multiple voice actors, sound effects and dramatic narration. It was also the first time we'd ventured away from the life of Vendetta Violent and into some new territory. It was a hit and remains as the work we're most proud of. It's also some of the hardest and most expensive content to make for a podcast from extensive scripting, paid voice actors, subscriptions to music and sound effects services to name just a few of the hurdles we overcome to bring you this entertainment. Patron or not, we will NEVER gate any of the audio content we make behind a patreon paywall and thus, rely on your generosity to keep bringing these stories to life.

The Informationals have went through various stages since our start. It originally started as a program that was to be a community resource, then shifted to be largely about interviews and world building before being unfortunately being discontinued in an effort for us to focus on what we do best here on Violent Life.

In Febuary 2016 we announced our intention for a Patreon campaign. We felt it important to make sure that we were ready and in a position to offer AND fulfill any obligations we made to our fans as well as to the talented artists and voice actors that make this all possible. We also wanted to make sure that we stuck to our guns on our statement of not gating off any podcast content. I am proud to announce that we are staying true to that mission. Patron or not, you will ALWAYS receive the full scope of our audio content.

So why support the show? Read on...

1/5/2018 - We're working on some new rewards for Patronage. These rewards will be retroactive to the start of this Patreon. Essentially the idea is that every month you're a patron at the $5+ level you'll get a ticket. These tickets get put into draws we will be tossing out. I was looking for a way to more actively deal out rewards while making it more 'controllable & sustainable' then the old Nuyen system as I don't use Patron money to buy rewards (it's my own thanks to my patrons so should come out of my own wallet). I'm also considering the occasional $10+ draw as well to go along side the $5+ ones (because no matter what your level, you only get 1 ticket per month as a patron). The frequency of these draws won't be set but I intend on making them semi frequent. Tickets are not expended upon winning.

In addition to the draws, each level has it's own special rewards detailed under the reward tiers. As might be expected, each level gets the benefits that come before it.

You'll see that we are using the milestone system for our projected shows. These are essentially going to be mini-series that we REALLY want to produce and bring to you as rewards for your support. With each one of these shows I will be commissioning a piece of art to go along with it to kind of headline the show. This means each time we hit a milestone you will not only empower us to keep making audio dramas but also allow us to both give back to the art community AND add more beautifully done images to the physical Nuyen reward pool.

How do I link my Patreon account to access Patron only Discord Channels on our server? Click HERE
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Redmond Born is our ambitious new drama set on a Bi-Monthly release schedule. After hitting this milestone, Redmond Born will become a monthly release alongside the Violent Life Shadowcast and the Informational. When Redmond Born reaches a conclusion it will be followed by another quality, monthly audio drama thanks to your patronage.
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