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Backers get exclusive, high resolution digital WIPs, layer passes, and scene-build overviews, as well as a closer look into my work process.

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Star Backers get exclusive high resolution alternates of existing scenes (different weather, different atmosphere, different lighting setups) personally made for them, per request.

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Super Star Backers get to join me during my work process and experience the making of artworks themselves, by joining my in-game scene-building session in Garry's Mod in P2P or by a personal live-stream, post-game as well. Additionally, Super Star Backers can make suggestions during work sessions and perhaps influence artworks as I make them.




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About Michael

Discord!   Art gallery!   DeviantArt!   Steam!

I create Garry's Mod artworks, and try to bring concepts and worlds to life. I re-imagine what excites me and use it to express myself. It's become more than a hobby at this point, it's a (growing) passion.

Any form of support is hugely appreciated! Before you choose to support me by becoming a patron, please know that I can't promise to make continuous content due to university related time constraints and the like!
$5.53 of $25 per month
If I reach my first $25, I'll be sure to open up more time to expand my profile and produce fresh content for my Patrons.
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