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  • My (words cannot express) gratitude!
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  • Access to patron only video, sketches, ideas and techniques!

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About Vipul Fine Furniture

Hi everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my Patreon page. I'm a furniture maker based in the UK, with a real interest in sharing my woodwork, ideas and most importantly my journey. You can see my work through Instagram and Youtube videos. If you've come across 'Making a Kumiko box', that's me! :) 

What's Patreon, and how does it work? 

By becoming a Patron, you'll be a direct supporter of my work. You can do this by pledging any amount, or you can choose a reward tier on the right. This amount is per creation, and you can easily set a limit on the number of creations per month you pledge towards. 

My work

I'll aim for a video every month, but alongside this I'll try and post lots of Patron only content, like short videos, sketches, technique videos and perhaps even livestreams.
My passion is detailed work and I've been overwhelmed by the response to my videos so far. I'd like to continue providing you with an 'over the shoulder' experience of each project. Visually pleasing videos are the goal, and I hope you enjoy them whether you're into woodworking, or not. If they provide a shot of entertainment whilst you're having your regular coffee break, then I'm happy!

I'd like to continue sharing my work, but between me and my partner (the creative/ideas/brains), we're really struggling to afford the time to produce the level of quality each video and the viewers deserve.

With each of my creations, I feel huge satisfaction knowing that my work is in the hands of people willing to support a creative individual. I hope Patreon is a way to enable patrons to feel a connection to my work. I'd really like this platform to help all of us engage and shape interesting future projects.  

What I'm hoping for from you amazing patrons...

  • A dialogue, become involved! Instagram and Youtube are nice in their own way, but through Patreon, starting conversations, discussions would be great.
  • Support to continue my work. Producing furniture is great, sharing the process is even better. with continued support, I'll be able to afford the time to put together videos sharing the experience.
  • Engagement in live broadcasts. Usually through instagram live where I can share various moments throughout a project as they happen. This gives you a guys a better insight, and you can all comment and ask questions instantly.

What I can offer...

  • My eternal gratitude that your support will allow me to continue producing videos.
  • Patreon only content, sketches, ideas, bite-size workshop videos and technique sharing!
  • Opportunities to really engage and influence future projects.
  • A selection of rewards for you to choose from.
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