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Ah, the Summer Associate. Though initially more well versed on the nature of parties and baseball games than the intricacies of contract law, the summer associate class is the backbone of any firm's growth.

At this level, you'll receive our sincere appreciation for helping support this crazy thing called Virtual Legality.
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The Junior Associate may be at the bottom of a firm's hierarchy, but ask anyone "Who's doing the real work?", and more than a few Junior Associates will perk their ears up...from behind the document review box fortress they've built for themselves.

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The Senior Associate is at the precipice, moments away from fully committing to a lifetime at the firm, but smartly keeping their options open. Either way they go, we know they'll have plenty of questions.

At this level, you'll receive (i) our sincere appreciation, (ii) Firm Updates, and (iii) the ability to submit questions and participate in a monthly Question and Answer livestream we're calling "Question Time!"

* "Question Time!" is intended to be a monthly 1-hour stream, from which we will select questions submitted to an exclusive Patreon post made the week before (and setting forth the link to that month's video). 

**We are not able to answer questions on any individual's specific legal circumstances (for which we would recommend they seek their own counsel), and there is no guarantee that any specific question will be answered.
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About Hoeg Law

Virtual Legality was started in the fall of 2018 as an experiment.  After working with the Easy Allies on "Help Us Out Hoeg", a segment focused on questions surrounding the business and law of video games, we wondered if we could sustain such a discussion in the long term. 

Would folks be interested in learning more about the business and law influencing what we see in the news surrounding our favorite hobbies...on a regular basis?  Would there even be enough news in the world of video games, movies, television, and technology to sustain that "regular basis"?  (This turned out to be a silly question in retrospect.)  And could we make it interesting and entertaining enough to not lose folks when we needed to dive into subsection (ii) of section B.1 of some contract/EULA/statute or another?

After more than two years working on the channel and the series, we're happy to say that the answer to all of those questions has been a resounding "Yes!".  But as the channel has grown, so too have the resources needed to maintain it and keep it vibrant.  And with more and more topics touching on the world of the technology giants and politics, it's become apparent that if the channel is to become what we think it can become...we're going to need a bigger boat (or boats).

So that's where Patreon and places like it come in. If you like what we are doing at Virtual Legality, and want to see more of it, your support will go into continuing to make sure that we can keep doing it. That we can dive into the world of game contracts and the latest Twitch controversy, those wild MCU contract rights, or the latest delay and the messaging surrounding it. 

Every single little bit helps, so if you enjoy Virtual Legality and want to be a part of helping it grow, please consider supporting us. 

Thank you so much!


By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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