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Every organization takes some amount of money to run, but as a virtual community we don’t need to rent rooms or print a journal. That’s why being a VSC member is totally free in general. But if you like what we are doing we would appreciate your support. There are no "perks" attached to this besides knowing that you're helping us cover our costs. It's completely optional, and people who can't afford to, or choose not to chip in will have no less access to features or help from us than those who do.
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About Virtual Stereoscopic Community


In July 2020 four 3D hobbyists came together to fill a void in the stereography world. A place where everyone — no matter if novice or veteran — could feel welcome and have their perspective on stereography heard and valued. Mutual respect instead of requirements, global connections instead of local limitations. And just like that, a new community was formed under the name Brooklyn Stereoscopic Association and the first live online meeting took place.
Soon after the first live meeting the BSA and the Stereosite joined forces: The presentations that were given at a BSA live meeting would be published on Stereosite and authors of articles were invited to present at a meeting as well. During that period the leadership team consisted — in alphabetical order — of Stacey Doyle Ference, Ian Ference, Pascal Martiné, André Ruiter and Keita Wangari.
The centerpiece of each meeting were two presentations about a broad variety of 3D related topics:
  • Talks about 3D animation for mobile, Recreation of the autochrome process, Filmstrip stereoscopes, etc.
  • Slide shows featuring stereo photographers with Underwater stereo photos, Light rays in 3D, 3d street photography, etc.
  • Tutorials about Baseline basics, Restoring stereoscopic antiques, Collecting stereo views etc.
  • Community show and tells were the possibility for everyone to just quickly show a new stereo photo, collector’s item or anything else.


In March 2021, it was time for another update of our unique community. Our main goals with this update were to have something of interest for all members at each meeting and to streamline club administration — all while keeping the welcoming and friendly atmosphere we’ve all enjoyed so much. Changes include:
  • Moving to monthly meetings
  • Having shorter talks so we can bring members a history/collecting talk, a stereo photography showcase, a tutorial anda community activity at every meeting
  • Moving content from the BSC website to the Stereosite website
  • And finally, changing our name to Virtual Stereoscopic Community as we feel this better suits our ongoing mission: Connecting people from all over the world online to share their passion.

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