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About Jason Coleman

I am working on 3D Printable models for tabletop RPGs and board games!  All of my designs are released with a Creative Commons Noncommercial Share Alike license, so you're free to use them as is or to remix them for your own models =)

  • Access to a Google Drive share with Zip Files for all of my models containing:
    • The original Blender file for the model, so you can see how I made the various parts of the model and so that you can make your own remixes more easily!
    • The supported file that I used to print on my Prusa MK3 Printer (with a .25 mm nozzle).  I can't guarantee that these files will work on other printers, but they'll at least serve as a great starting point for making your own supports!
  • Early access to weekly updates about the models that I'm currently working on, with insight into why I made various aspects of the models the way that I made them!
  • The chance to submit artwork for Community's Choice models and a vote on which piece of art is selected!  At $500/month, I will make a Community's Choice model every month, but until we reach that milestone I've been making them occasionally as a special thank you to the wonderful community we have here!

What I'm Making

Thanks for checking out my work and for considering supporting it!  I make 2-5 models each month, depending on their complexity and on how long it takes me to make each one.  Here's a few links that show off what I've been doing lately!

In addition to making models, I write about how to 3D Print and how to use Blender on my blog at Object Forge.  When I come across some new-to-me cool 3D printing technique, I like to write about it on my blog to ensure that others can learn it too!  Similarly, as I've picked up new techniques with Blender, I write tutorials about them.  For example, here's a tutorial about how I made the tentacles for my Fangorious Eye monster!  I hope that you enjoy my work =)
$125.64 of $500 per month
When I reach $500/month, I'll start a monthly Community's Choice model project!  I'll solicit inspirational artwork from my patrons and will select a few images for everyone to vote upon.  I will then make a model from whichever image gets the most votes!  I will not accept artwork that has adult content, but am looking forward to seeing what inspires the Patreon community!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 141 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 141 exclusive posts

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