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About Fred Fichman

A Really Big Number

Scientists believe there are 8.7 million animal species inhabiting this beautiful blue ball we all live on called Planet Earth. Including all the microscopic life there is a recent estimate of perhaps 1 TRILLION species of living organisms over, on top of, and underneath the surface of our planet. Those are some pretty outstanding numbers. And yet with so much bio-diversity shared with our animal friends we know so little about them. We may occasionally consider the birds, bees, and beasts but even basic knowledge of the teeming animal life escapes us.

That is why I wrote the 12-book, 120-animal “Visit the Zoo” series that is currently available on Amazon and CreateSpace in ebook format and in print along with the first three “Visit the Zoo” volumes that are available as audiobooks on Amazon’s subsidiary That is also why I completed my first video DVD in the 12-video DVD series I am producing and directing. It is now available retail at Amazon and wholesale at Midwest Tape and Allied Vaughn.

My Mission

As an author of both fiction and non-fiction books I set out on a mission to tell brief descriptive stories about the animals we see in our local zoos, we see on television nature/wildlife documentaries, and we hear about in our newscasts. I want to familiarize, especially, children and young adults about the Animal Kingdom that surrounds all of us. And in the process maybe even recreate and spark again long-lost knowledge and the wonder adults have about the animals.

In this crazy, complicated, and many times distracting world we all live in we sometimes neglect to gaze into the night sky, admire a beautifully blooming flower, or follow the grace and agility of a wild perfectly adapted creature whether it is in our zoo or through the rare experience of observing behavior in the wild. We are all part of that wild life and nature and I want my series of books, animal descriptions, videos, stills, and endless stories to introduce to you the animal kingdom. I am now giving you through my books, audiobooks, DVD, and new podcasts those “aha” moments you will never forget. My Mission is to grow that effort and keep expanding on its purpose.

The Podcast

The books have all been written, the audiobooks are being recorded, the DVDs are being produced, directed, and assembled. But I was missing a piece of this puzzle, missing it until now. In October of 2017 I started a “Visit the Zoo Podcast” to give you a more direct contact with all things Visit the Zoo and a direct contact with me, Frederick Fichman. Each Monday I will be uploading a new 20-25 minute episode of the “Visit the Zoo Podcast.” The podcast will feature a replay of one of my chapter-reads from the “Visit the Zoo” 12-book series about one particular animal. Included in each podcast I will have a 3-animal sound quiz where I will play the sounds of animals and see if you can guess which animals they are…and yes, I will give you the answer to each weeks’ quiz within that episode. We will discuss the latest zoo and animal news and I will have a surprise segment at the end of each episode. I may present poems written by famous poets or writers about animals, I may present a series of quotes, I may play audio clips…it will be interesting and fascinating.

I promise you this, I will make the production value of the podcast as professional as possible. If you read my Bio on my main author website at or the “Visit the Zoo” website at, you will see that I spent a long career in television and radio broadcasting so I will stick to strict engineering and content-presentation principles to make your weekly stay on the “Visit the Zoo” website as pleasurable and fascinating as possible.

Coming Soon

In the near future, I will be producing a daily new and separate “Visit the Zoo” podcast called “Visit the Zoo :60.” I will also be creating a portfolio of the many of photographs I have taken for the creation of all the “Visit the Zoo” content. I will be opening a photographic portfolio account at photography website You will be able to access those photographs, download them, print them, or place them on a variety of merchandise that interests you.
And finally, I also have near-future plans to get on the road again and visit the great zoos and wildlife preserves where these beautiful animals live. I need to show you an entirely new and fresh batch of photos and 4K video for the upcoming DVD videos and photographic portfolios I will be building. And at the heart of all of that effort will be the bedrock weekly “Visit the Zoo Podcast.”

The Pitch

Okay, here’s the bottom line. This seems like and it truly is a full-time effort to put all of this together. It is my mission teach to the world about our animal friends that I embrace with both arms. It is my Raison d'être, my meaning and fulfillment in life. But to do all that I have been doing, continue to do, and will be doing to give you as much content possible I need help. I need the technical, production and financial tools to perform all of these tasks.
I need photographic equipment for stills and video, and need to expand my use of research virtual assistants, I need to engage still and video photographers, I need to pay the numerous monthly fees for internet online services, editing subscription tools, research materials, onsite visit costs to zoos and other animal sanctuaries.
I need your help. I need your support to transmit to you and to others descriptions, photos, sounds, video, podcasts from these animals who are our neighbors and relatives. These animals do exist.

I hope you will agree to help and be a part, a patron, of “Visit the Zoo” and the 8.7 million species who inhabit Planet Earth. Thank you.

The Party Begins

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