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About Vistiel

Hey guys, my name is Jordan! I'm a Wildland Helicopter Firefighter, or I was, now I'm a helicopter pilot, from California and finally exploring writing in my off time. Currently, I'm writing the story "A Gentlemen's Curse". The only 'donation rewards' I'll have will be access to chapters before they go up on RR.

Name choices for rewards may be refused based on viability in the story.

Patrons are charged up front and then the first of every month after that.
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Grants title 'Friend of the author' Effects: My eternal thanks for your support.
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Grants title 'Super friend of the author' Effects: My doubly eternal thanks and one Patron only chapter
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Grants title 'Friend of the Dwarves' Effects: Access to 4 chapters before they're posted and increased resistance to alcohol. Results may vary.

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