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One dollar per chapter may not seem a lot, but to me it's a sign that you believe in this project. This one dollar makes such a huge difference. For this amount, you will get the chapters as I write them, with as much editing as I can accomplish on my own.
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This is more than just a little a month, and I really really appreciate it! This will get your name in the ebook copy of the book and a ebook copy of each edited Patreon book. This will also get you monthly videos of how I edit each chapter. 
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Wow! This is the price of a schmancy latte, but really nice of you to give to me instead. For this, you'll get all of the above plus you also get insight into my outline and characterization process. I'll be sharing monthly updates on how I work on the back-end setting, characterization, plot, theme, and all the other elements that go into making words into a story.




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About Vivian Caethe

Hi! Welcome! Thank you for coming here! 

I'd like you to consider being one of the very few people who get early access to my Don Quixote duology, The Squire and The Knight. When you support my Patreon campaign, you’ll get access to not only the novels as they're written, but also a first look at the behind the scenes of making them. Depending on the level of access you choose, you’ll get chapters, notes, and regular engagement from me as I write and go through the process of completing the book. You can also get short stories and novellas as well, released on a regular basis. Feel free to drop out any time, but this adventure is one we can share together.

Although I've been writing since I was twelve, I have only been submitting stories since 2012. In the past four years, I've published three books, two novellas and have had short stories in anthologies and magazines, including Crossed Genres (to read a fun interview they did with me, please click this link).

About the Current Project

The Squire and The Knight are Don Quixote in space. No, literally, Don Quixote in Space.

When Don kidnaps his niece Antonia and makes her be his squire, she has no idea what she’s in for. There’s a method to Don’s madness, but can she find the solution before he succumbs to the computer virus that’s been implanted in his cybernetic brain?

These novels take the plot events of Miguel de Cervantes-Saavedra's Don Quixote and re-imagine them in the context of science fiction. Using the plot, characters, and dynamics of the original novel, I am rewriting the original in a way that is not only entertaining to science fiction readers, but also approachable to the modern reader. If you've always wanted to dive into the classics, this would be a perfect place to get started. 

To give you an idea of what you're in for, I am anticipating approximately thirty chapters per book ranging from about 1000-5000 words each (depending on the number of scenes in each). I'm anticipating releasing a chapter a month, but maybe more if I get adventurous.

Objectives and Goals

My first objective is to share The Squire and The Knight with you. The chapters will be released once a month. I also would like to share short stories and novellas.

I hope to engage you on a level that, prior to now, was impossible for many authors. One of the things we authors rarely get is direct interaction with the community during the process of writing itself. I would like to change that with these novels. I want to hear your feedback, your concerns, and your questions.

An overview of my financial goals with this project:
  • Fund my ability to write, publish, and edit these novels
  • Fund my time to write novels, novellas, and short fiction
  • Fund my ability to go to conventions and speak about writing, editing, and diversity as well as promote my work
$108 of $150 per creation
If we hit this goal, I'll be able to pay the same person to do the interior for The Knight, making them both look nice on the interior (total estimate $150).
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