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About Vivid Vivka

-- Patreon intro 4.0*
this page was updated in May 2019 (almost 5 years in!) --

The Girl ~
Im Vivid Vivka (hi!). Ive been a model and general geeky artsy weirdo in the internet-eye for over a decade. I do the poses and make the stuffs. I have modeled on a ton of different websites, but now EVERYTHING I do is for here... for my PatreCrew. My PatreFam. My MVPs. ALL HAIL THE VIVIKULT!<3  
I play Ghost on Dungeon&Dragon's official twitch show, "The Sirens". I am also the official NPC "The Black Viper" for D&D! (now a playable character in the video game Idle Champions)
I make a lot of costumes and props, and spend my free time playing Magic the Gathering, reading graphic novels, and LARPing (because the fine art of role-play and storytellin is my everything).
I have a tiny Direwolf-Chihuahua hybrid named Tesla. My favorite ice cream is Mint Chip and I love puzzles and strategy games. Stuff. Things. Words.

Almost 5 years in

This used to be the section where I had my wishes and goals. But now, almost 5years into Patreon... my life is forever changed. I cant even imagine a day without my supporters, my friends, my family. I was never prepared for how amazing of a platform this would end up being.I was able to dissolve my hair business (that I hated), stop taking odd jobs and struggle to make ends meet, and go into content creation full-time. Ive been able to attend more conventions as a guest, make amazing friends with those who support me, and do more crazy geeky and nude photoshoots. I am now able to make better quality costumes, and I learn something new with every one. Ive been able to produce not one but TWO calendars, both of which have sold out. Ive gone to a convention and just given things away for free. I guest on twitch shows and roll them d20s. I spend an entire weekend LARPing multiple times a year.  Ive shot more content than I ever thought possible.
Ive never been so happy, or felt so fulfilled. This is what Im supposed to be doing... and Im supposed to be sharing it with you
and there is still so much more on the horizen I can do!

Who you are ~
My supporters are my confidants, my fellow cosplayers, my deciding factors, my interested spectators, my fellow pervs (safe place!), and my table of cool kids. 
You are my MVPs, and I owe you my everything.
You are my Vivikult.

You are my friend. andI fucking adore you.

I email back. I comment. I heart. I read everything.
Social media is a blackhole with thousands of demanding voices, but here.. I am able to actually connect and focus on you and our connection.
And I treat my blog like a diary, so if you want to know more about me ... this is how you do it. 

Thank you for changing my life and allowing me to be the creative sprite-child that was so stifled and dying before. 

Think of me as a living, breathing, crafting art project.
Please join me, help me grow, and let me show you what I am capable of. 

Join me out on other platforms! ONE OF US. ONE OF US.

Want instant access to TONS of past photosets and videos and also merch?

52 of 100 patrons
With this, I hope to complete a new EPIC costume, every month! This means tutorials, WIP photos, and yes… so many photoshoots!
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