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Helluva Boss and other animated projects!

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- You get to support the Hazbin Hotel project and Helluva Boss series, and earn my greatest appreciation! <3

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About Vivienne Medrano + SpindleHorse

Hey there internet! My name is Vivienne Medrano (AKA Vivziepop) and I love making cartoons!! This Patreon is for my 2D animation studio SPINDLEHORSE!

Don't know us?

We are most know for being the studio behind HAZBIN HOTEL, and most recently and currently we are full steam on HELLUVA BOSS!

You can watch all currently released episodes here!

Currently Helluva is our main project, with season 2 under-weigh and other things like comics for Hazbin Hotel, and other developing IPs being figured out soon as well! Any chance you have of seeing a peek behind our creative curtain you can see by supporting us here!

SpindleHorse is a constantly growing studio of over 100+ artists and crew members working to bring you all a raunchy, sex positive, dramedy about demon assassins. With 2D animation at the forefront, and a passion for bringing you an animated series free to watch! But it is only made possible due to the support of people like you!

We are hoping to continue to grow our studio and raise budgets higher and higher to bring you better and better quality content on a more regular basis, but animation takes time and costs money! But as we enter Helluva season two, we are excited and confident in what we have ready to bring you all!

So if you want to continue to ensure we can keep working full-throttle on all these animated goodies for you all to enjoy, please consider supporting!

Let's get to what you get!

Now full disclosure, this show has a very passionate audience (you guys) and so we are very conscious about leaks. If it was up to me I'd give you guys everything, but since things take so long and so much of this story is spoiler heavy, we have to be a bit careful until an episode comes out. But we want to try to everything we can to still bring you exclusive glimpses and early access to everything we can, as well as many behind the scenes things once an episode does air!  DISCLAIMER:  I cannot answer questions about story line ideas from fans, cannot accept any requests for a job or suggestions for voice actors or anything like that.  I love the enthusiasm but it is impossible for me to comment on that or respond to your messages about those topics.  Thanks for your understanding!!

For $1+
you get to help support me and earn my appreciation and a big ol’ THANK YOU!! <3!
You also get to see anything public posts made by viv on twitter (though I rarely find time for those haha)!

For $5
You gain access to
- From time to time you will get to vote in a merch poll!

For $10
You gain access to
- Gifs

For $20
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-Character turn arounds used in various animated projects!

For $50
-Access to a monthly Patron Discord Q&A call with Vivzie (me!)
Certain topics are under NDA so I can't answer much about Hazbin or spoilers in the story, but I answer tons!
- Access to some current art from our productions or
- Small animated clips
** Please note that the discord invite will go out once a month around the day of the call!! That link is available for 24 hours after being posted!!

For 75$ (working on this one)
-Exclusive background art

For $100 (working on this one)
-You get all of the content from the lower tiers!
-Exclusive production notes/Draw Overs

This is what you can get by pledging! But if you can't commit to any on going pledge, or can't do so via patreon? No problem! we also host merch sales and other things such as that where you can support the show while also getting something cool in return! There are lots of ways to support us and every single bit of it goes to making this studio and these projects bigger and better!

Thank you all SO much!

A bit about Viv -I am a grad of SVA (School of Visual Arts) in NYC, majoring in traditional animation! Now I animate and direct cartoons, films, and music videos based on all the crazy characters I keep coming up with fulltime! I got my start doing fan-animations to songs I love, and I hope to still do those here and there, but have since shifted focus to original content! <3 I adore musicals, villains, and animals!

Enjoy the project that started it all, our studio, and our creative playground- Now being given a chance at a bigger life by the amazing studio A24!

100% complete
Animators paid fulltime rates to continue working full throttle!!
Helps fund almost a full short one minute on it's own!!
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