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About Vivienne Medrano

HEYA INTERNET!  My name is Vivienne Medrano (AKA Vivziepop) and I love making cartoons!!

Ya know that fan made Kesha song with the werewolf? Ya know that funny hell show with tons of red? Yeh those are my fault!

A bit about lil ol’ me -I am a grad of SVA (School of Visual Arts) in NYC, majoring in traditional animation! Now I animate and direct cartoons, films, and music videos based on all the crazy characters I keep coming up with fulltime! I got my start doing fan-animations to songs I love, and I hope to still do those here and there, but have since shifted focus to original content! <3 I adore musicals, villains, and animals!

Nowadays what I'm most passionate about (and extremely thankful to be able to create) is entirely original cartoons, and with YOUR HELP I can keep making even more!!
Have you heard of a little indie cartoon (currently in production) called HAZBIN HOTEL?!
No? Well here is a snazzy trailer for ya!

 As of right NOW Hazbin Hotel is my primary focus I am dedicating most of my efforts and rewards to that project!!

But as it chugs along and starts heading to the finish line I wanted to make sure the cartoon well doesn’t run dry! So I have been planning future cartoons of ALL KINDS, and how do you see peeks at all the fun new things to come? Pledging to this PATREON!
I have reworked my tier rewards to better reflect what I can comfortably share and actually deliver due to my increasingly demanding workload and trying to keep things as under-wraps as I can! Did you know running and directing a 30 minute cartoon made outside of a studio is hard? ME EITHER!! Coming up with sharable content each month is hard work, but I've figured out ways of doing so!

What is Hazbin Hotel? And how does funding your Patreon help make it happen?
If you enjoy my past works, be it the “Die Young” fan-animation or my old webcomic “Zoophobia” I’m confident you will enjoy Hazbin Hotel! It is a 30 MINUTE LONG animated pilot of a series I have been developing for years!! It is adult in subject matter, but I can promise it has a great deal of heart and thought put into it! The project will be in my style and will be as fluidly 2D animated as possible, it will include multiple songs and is nearing it’s final stages of production! A LOT is still left to do, but we are reaching the finish line and will be likely dropping a release date soon!! Thanks to all the amazing support of the project so far, both here and via merchandise sales, I have been able to raise the rates of all the team members to the point they are being paid much more sturdy fair animation rates for the quality of work they are doing, which is ensuring they can continue working on not only Hazbin but FUTURE cartoons as well, and I can’t thank everyone enough for enabling that!
Paying people fair rates for amazing work is key, and I’m so thankful I can pay the amazing talents helping me bring this beast to life what they deserve and more! <3

So if you want to continue to ensure the brilliant artists working for on these cartoons for you all to enjoy get paid what they need to prioritize and keep working full-throttle, please consider supporting!

BUT ENOUGH CHATTER- Let’s talk what you get from pledging to the patreon!!

For $1+
you get to help support me and earn my appreciation and a big ol’ THANK YOU!! <3!
You also get to see anything I post publicly anywhere!

For $5
You gain access to
-Production notes
-StoryBoard peeks!

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- Animated pencil tests!

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-A full character design/ref of a new character every month!
-Character turn arounds used in various animated projects!

For $50
-Access to a monthly Patron Discord Q&A call with Vivzie (me!)
-Access to snippets of scripts for cartoons or Hazbin comics!

For 75$
-Access to poll to vote on monthly illustration!
-Access to a private patron-only stream of a monthly illustration!

For $100
-Private patron-only stream of something regarding production! (Animation, Character design, boarding, Vis Dev, ect)
-Access to simple in development treatments, or EARLY development of new cartoons!


WHY do I need Patreon?
A ton of reasons, right now independent projects are my focus, Hazbin is still in deep production and I'm developing more cartoons to add to the pipeline! Patreon funding helps me to create quality 2D animated projects without having to rely on a studio or greenlight! Thanks to this Patreon I can self fund tons of new cartoons, that will have zero studio restriction or meddling for pilots, and allow me to tell things that really come from the passion of not only me, but the artists, writers, and actors who help bring it to life! My dream is to expand my channel and the cartoons on it, and show the world what can be accomplished by driven creators and artists!
I have a number of films and even series in the pipeline and Patreon funds help with-
-Buying programs/technical needs
-Paying any artists hired better higher rates (that they deserve) and help productions roll more fulltime!
-Actors (depending on the project sometimes voice actor fees can be costly, and they deserve compensation too!)
-My Rent (IF IN DIRE NEED) so I can keep managing it all fulltime.
I have a large team of animators, colorists, and voice actors! You're not just supporting me, you're supporting over a dozen other artists working hard to bring passion projects to life!

Oh lemme tellsya -LOTS!
Anyone familiar with my old webcomic “Zoophobia” will be thrilled to know I’m currently scripting two shorts relating to the comic's characters, and hopefully at least one of them will be the next SHORT cartoon in the pipleline. I have always loved things like “Oh Yeah cartoons” that just have a ton of varied cartoons of all kinds in one place, and I’d love to try to get as many fun ideas out of my mind as possible. So I plan on producing a number of shorter form cartoons (3-5 minutes) for everyone to enjoy! Alongside a ZP short, we have a super secret demon cartoon (I know, another one), a horror short, and maybe even something Timber related -plus a ton more waiting in the wings!! BASICALLY theres a ton of fun new stuff ready to be brought to life! Maybe even the return of a certain blue werewolf gal....! You can look forward to hearing some exciting voice actors, and collaborations with other talented youtubers hehe!

I love Hazbin Hotel, but I’m not sure I’ll love the other things you make, WHY donate?
FEAR NOT DEMON ENTHUSIAST, if you donate now or even after Hazbin pilot production finishes, you will be helping to fund HAZBIN HOTEL COMICS -both published AND free (though even published ones you will get early peeks at as a patron!) You will also be adding to the future budget of the project and any additional funds and surprises down the line as we see what Hazbin’s future will become!! Whether it lives here on youtube or becomes a full fledged animated series someday- you helped make it possible!
Either way you will be helping to ensure the story doesn’t stop and you can see more of the shenanigans these characters get up too!
Trust me, they have just gotten started….

If you have a Patreon, WHY do you also sell merch?
Simple, Merch is more of a physical reward people want! Some enjoy merch of things they love and that’s something separate from what Patreon offers as place where I can show peeks are development, or animation. Merch offers an alternate for people who want a lil more direct physical reward or maybe can’t afford too donate/pledge- they get swag of a project they love! I can promise you that Merch is it’s own beast that ends up funding plushies/pins/guest artists as well as adding to budget. Patreon is unaffected by merch and merch is unaffected by patreon! Plus sales from merchandise offer an amazing alternative source of revenue to fund projects. Believe it or not animation is EXPENSIVE when you pay people more fair-studio rates, and as the cartoons start getting bigger in scale, so does the price tag. Merch is an extra safety net when Patreon fluctuates, and it is 100% optional! If you already pledge, don’t feel obligated to buy merchandise as well, but if you want too HELL YEAH! You are makin’ dreams happen fella!
Long story short, if you like something sometimes you just want something physical to show that, and every bit goes back into helping us make these things for free!!

With Patreon and Merch WHY do you also work freelance?
HONESTLY, Freelance is something I’m aiming to phase out entirely. But as of RIGHT NOW I feel extremely uncomfortable using patreon or merch sales on myself. Trips home, shows, movies, figures, sometimes even RENT (lol maybe I should be ok using it for that bit I DON’T) I just prefer the funds I get to go DIRECTLY to projects, since so many can add up fast. So I tend to see commission and freelance funds more as -mine- BUT I plan to start streaming more regularly and if/when I do, I might let any money raised from such things go to my living day to day so I can comfortably cut freelance from my life- FINALLY.
I have been avoiding finding intensive studio work for the sake of having the time for all the projects, the first time I get a studio job it’ll be on one of my own shows babehhhh heeeeeeeeeyyy (hopefully)

I definitely want people supporting me to get something of worth. After being on Patreon a while and seein' what I'm REALLY able to handle, I have revamped my rewards to gear them towards my current work!! I appreciate the donations and so far I have had AMAZINGLY PATIENT, UNDERSTANDING AND SUPPORTIVE PATRONS! I love you guys, I really do. So far I have felt the stress and struggle of trying to make sure I give everyone what they deserve for their support, but I can’t thank everyone enough for their coping with how much I’m balancing and how hard I’m working to keep things moving! I can't wait to be putting out not only 'Hazbin' but plenty more cartoons for you all to enjoy!

Pledging is something I know nobody has to do, but it really does help me produce all this work for you guys- for free! I don't ever want to stop producing and I want my projects to get better and better! So every little bit helps!

Okay Lovya Bbye <3

100% complete
Animators paid fulltime rates to continue working full throttle!!
Helps fund almost a full short one minute on it's own!!
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