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At this tier you get:

• updates and first looks at costumes! 

• polls

3-4 HD wallpapers + all past wallpapers

• HD versions of sfw social media posts 

This is where I keep my BTS, planning processes, and more!~ Even if you can only support a little bit, this tier gives you influence in my decisions for sets and some HD goodies to thank you for your support!

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In addition to all rewards in the above tiers: 

50+ cosplay selfies

Full cosplay selfies in every angle~ This tier is for those who want the personal feel of selfies but in my full costume!

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In addition to all rewards in the above tiers: 

50+ high-res cosplay photos

• HD versions of lewd social media posts

If full cosplay is your jam, this is the tier for you!~ This tier is all about dedicated character sets that get flirty and fun but leave the costume on, with previews of what my lewder sets look like!




I'm Vix, your local giggly geek who obsesses over games, comics, and anime! You're gonna see a LOT of undressing your favorite characters around here! I'm all about cosplaying canon designs with care... And stripping them down in ways I think suit the character's wild side! I love experimenting with different looks in my costumes, and aim to stand out from the crowd with some unique ideas that explore what I'm passionate about! ♥ As I become more experienced I'm shooting for detailed armor builds that make use of LEDs and other awesome things! I'm aiming big, and I'm hardly ever satisfied unless I'm still improving! In addition to my cosplay work, I shoot a lot of other ideas that are more personal in style ♥  Plenty of lace, straps, latex, and other sexy outfits will be shared monthly~

I'm starting this Patreon in hopes that I can continue to create even more costumes you guys love! This is how my fans and I fundraise to afford better materials, wigs, studio time... Everything! It's thanks to my Patreon supporters that I'm able to cosplay so often and make photo sets to share with you guys! Cosplay is costly to do well, and quality costumes and photo sets are important to me!

In the coming months, I'll be giving updates to the tiers to include other bonus goodies like even more lewd sets each month and video rewards as a thank you! Some of these are on hold for now until we can raise enough to reliably give you guys the all the kickass content you deserve I always work to give more back through better pricing and more rewards! We'll also have regular goals as a chance to try new things that I might not be able to sustain as regular rewards... Yet! lol 

My Patreon team is honestly full of the best, most supportive people! I love getting to chat with you guys when I have time! Your feedback means SO much to me!

When you pledge, you'll be charged upfront for instant access to my feed! You'll get downloads to individual full sets, once the photographer I worked with for the month gives me the edited photos! In between releases, my feed will stay updated with plenty of previews, clips, interactive polls, and other fun updates! I release new sets all month long, and you'll be getting emails as sets are ready~ Send me your Snapchat ID if you pledge $15+ so that I can add you! I post downloads of all my sets and snaps at the end of every month, so even if you join late you'll never miss out~

Please read my pinned FAQ posts! They're all tagged "FAQ" and on PC they're pinned to the side bar! I try to explain all your questions there as best I can! I'm here for any other questions you have as well! ♥
It means the world to me that I have such loving and thoughtful support from you guys! I really wouldn't be able to be creating otherwise, and I want to make you proud! ♥ ♥ ♥ 
80 of 220 patrons
When we hit 220 pledges, I'll do a 20 photo/video selfie set in whatever my $1+ patrons vote on! It can be cosplay, lewd, pasties, whatever you decide in a series of polls! Help me find something fun to wear!~
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 167 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 167 exclusive posts

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