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About Helifax

I've been an avid gamer in the "3rd" dimension since 2009, when Nvidia 3D Vision was released.
I was very disappointed in the lack of Stereoscopic 3D support for OpenGL back in the day.
Thus, I made my own solution for OpenGL games. And so, my OGL3DVision wrapper was born: http://3dsurroundgaming.com/OGL3DVision.html

I fixed a quite a few games in OpenGL (using my wapper)  to enable Stereo 3D Rendering:
- DOOM (2016), Minecraft, Amnesia games, No Man's Sky, Penumbra Series, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: I & II,  Wolfenstein: The New Order & Old Blood, Zelda: Breath of the Wild - to render in Stereoscopic 3D for Nvidia 3D Vision and 3D TVs:

Thus, I want to use the same "after-market" approach to enable Stereoscopic 3D Rendering in Vulkan games for Nvidia 3D Vision, 3D Displays and Virtual Reality!

And so.. Vk3DVision was born: http://3dsurroundgaming.com/Vk3DVision.html and there are quite a few High Profile Games already using Vk3DVision for Stereo3D
You can also check my "Development Diary" on Meant To Be Seen forum, wehre I tried to document the whole process as it happened: https://www.mtbs3d.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=105&t=25068

If you consider supporting me in the endeavour and you love playing games in Stereoscopic 3D (VR included) , please support this project :) 

Many thanks for reading all of this!


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