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About Vocapanda Anime Covers

Hello, everyone!
Thanks for dropping by my Patreon page. ^_^ 
It's me, Jhona but I'm also known as Beibi.
I've been uploading anime song covers on  YouTube since 2008.   

I usually sing 90s anime songs because it suits me more but I always try to catch up to sing some new ones as well. Here is my cover of
"Yuragu Koto Nai Ai" from the anime, GetBackers.

I would love to create more female versions of anime and tokusatsu OSTs originally sung by male artists. Samples of these are my covers of the Choudenshi Bioman OP,
"Choudenshi Bioman"

"Kishin Douji Zenki" from
 Kishin Douji Zenki,

I'd be happy to provide you more covers like these!
And with your support,
I'll be able to do it without sacrificing the quality of the instrumentals.

I would love to be able to raise enough to team up with talented musicians and audio engineers to help me create more powerful versions of anime songs. I would also be able to bring in artists and video editors to help me produce more interesting and dynamic videos.

Now that adult life has been actively chasing me,
my presence at anime conventions became less and less.
That's when I started focusing on uploading more videos on YouTube. I met people online having the same musical interests as me.

One of my best decisions in life is when I decided to be a part of an all-girl online singing group,
 Zessei Bijin! Being part of a group has taught me a lot.  With them, I experienced mixing my very first group dub/chorus. And man, it wasn't easy! But with a lot of patience and typhoons (Sorry, that was an inside joke.), I can say that my mixing skills improved a lot. Some of the mixes that I'm proud of is our Japanese version of "Madonna" by the K-Pop  group, Secret and
"Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat's Life!"
 a by Vocaloids, Len Kagamine and

made us winners of the first ever KCE Duet Battle in 2012 and I'm really proud of it. 

 Together with some of the members, we also participated in various chorus battles whenever we get the chance. One of those are with my favorite team so far, RE:CHORD.

RE:CHORD's version of "The Beginning" by

Aside from Zessei Bijin!, I have also been lucky to be a part of an awesome anime online cover band,  Collabo Daisakusen. Being with them made me become more familiar with the latest anime OSTs
Some of my vocal contributions includes:

"Crossing Field" by LiSA from the anime, Sword Art Online;

and "Pegasus Fantasy ver. Ω" by MAKE-UP feat. Shoko Nakagawa from Saint Seiya Omega.

Some of you guys may think, "oh, she doesn't do a lot of Vocaloid projects?" 
Well...I have actually done a lot. It's just not on my own channel. A lot of it is on the ZB channel.
Quite a few are still in the works and are not released yet.
And others, I have been invited as a guest singer for special projects like these ones from 
MurasagiYT's channel:

Beibi as Vocaloid Lily in "Sailor Uniform Wars"

It's amazing what music and technology can do nowadays. I still find it fascinating that I'm able to make music with people around the world...people that I haven't even met before.  It's always been a dream to collaborate with someone that has the same passion as you.

To all of you who took time to read my Patreon page, please do not feel obliged to pledge anything.  I appreciate any type of support you give -- every likes, comments and shares can do magic. If you'd like to contribute without donating anything, it would really mean a lot to me if you share my Patreon page to those who might be interested
Singing is my passion. And it would make me truly happy if I could do it more. My covers will remain free to listen to on YouTube and on my Facebook Page. I love and appre
ciate all of you who continue to encourage and support me in what I do.
On the other hand, every person willing to contribute an amount is another inspiration for me to push and improve myself to become a better singer that truly deserves your support. If you eventually decided to become a patron, 
I hope you'll enjoy all the awesome rewards that I have humbly prepared for you! 

~More Milestones coming up! Be sure to check them out soon!~

20 of 30 patrons
Yay! Our first milestone together! Thank you so much!

★ Council meetings commence
Start of monthly polls of which songs do you want me to prioritize. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 49 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 49 exclusive posts

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