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About Voices for Justice

Voices for Justice


hosted by Sarah Turney

My name is Sarah, the host of this podcast. Season one is a deep dive into my sister, Alissa Turney's, missing persons case. It's a long and complicated story. But an arrest was made in 2020, so all episodes about her are currently paused until after her trial. But I am now on a mission to cover as many cases in need of justice as possible- but more than that to ACTUALLY help these cases which is a large reason this Patreon exists. In addition to the bonus content, hangouts, watch parties, etc. your membership directly helps the cases you hear on the podcast.

This isn't a typical Patreon membership that thrives on bonus content. While I do my best to provide educational and behind the scenes content you won't find on the main feed, my focus is helping these victims and families raise awareness and hopefully get justice. Simply put, I can't do that if I hide that content behind a paywall. That being said, you will receive bonus content monthly and more importantly, your patronage goes towards helping these families, victims, and survivors. We have already provided funding for billboards, events, audio equipment for families who want to tell their own story, living expenses, headstones, and more. 

I want to be very clear that if you're looking for exclusive content revolving around true crime cases, this probably isn't the Patreon for you. But if you are looking to support the show and these cases and want an ad-free listening experience, then you're in the right place. 

You can absorb true crime content all day, but in this podcast, I invite you to be a part of our stories and fight alongside us.

250 - reached! patrons
You guys!!! I can't believe that we hit 100 Patrons! 😭 Thank you so so much! I can't wait to smash this next goal of 250. Alissa's Army is growing and it gives me so much hope!!!
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