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About Angela

Hi! My name is Angela! I'm also known as Volt. I make illustrations, storyboards and animations for people to enjoy! 

I love making art and storytelling through Illustration, animation and storyboarding. As you may or may not be aware, these are very labor-intensive mediums. I'd love to be doing it full time, but it can be a bit tough! With your help, it can be possible!

It's also worth noting that a lot of the art I make is experimental. Not all of it is a part of one big project! it's just me trying different things! So if you're fine with that, hop aboard!

I'm also over on tumblr for art updates as well! Remember! This content will always be free for you to enjoy. My patreon is not a paywall, but a way for you to support what I do! As a patron, however, you'd be getting a little extra, like works in progress, early access to art, sketchbook art and things like that. 

Most of all though, I want to interact with YOU! What would you like to see? Suggestions, feedback and comments are always welcome. I want to get better, so feel free to email me or tweet me on twitter if you've got any questions.

So If you like my work, feel free to support me! Just $2 a month will give you access to my sketches from my sketchbook as well as work-in-progress art, and behind-the-scenes videos and animatics! Your support is very much appreciated! 
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A good goal to start off with I think, will definitely ease some more immediate financial worries (like food!). Less worry for me means more art for you!
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