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Who am I?
My name is Inrix. I own and host Von Spookelton which is a community for programmers, gamers and people who are looking to chat and play games with a fun group of people.

What is a server 0_o?
I started out hosting servers for personal enjoyment, and because of the large lack of decent servers with quality hosting and administration, especially in the Oceania region where your lucky to get a ping below 200ms... Von Spookelton started off as me just hosting a public server for a few friends since I had the hardware and connection to do it. It has now grown into a wonderful community of people from all over who play and chat together on a daily basis. We primarily host Modded Minecraft with servers such as Factorio, Killing Floor, StarBound, etc, on the side... And other occasional ones requested by our community members.

We are also beginning to expand out into servers such as ARK and SpaceEngineers...

How is Spookelton different?
There is a massive amount of different communities and server hosters out there, and I have personally played on a lot of them. While most are good, a lot are maintained on poor hardware with bad administration. We try to offer a different environment where the user is put first, be it at the cost of sleep, spare time or literal cost (Dedicated servers aren't cheap ;P), if anyone ever has a issue we always attempt to address it immediately and never presume that a user is doing something wrong unless it's blatantly obvious. We take on the ideology that it's better to deal with individual users instead of imposing rules that ruin everyone's fun.

We try to work with users to sort problems in a way the impacts their experience the least, instead of pushing them around and fixing things in the quickest most invasive way possible which has sadly become the norm for a lot of communities. We never ban or kick anyone unless they very directly and intentionally violate our rules at least twice and always approach talking to users who have done something wrong with the presumption that they were ignorant of what they were doing.

Overall we just try to be friendly, fun and give users the best experience they could get. Because it's something that can be really hard to find now days in communities.

Why donate?
Hosting powerful dedicated hardware has its costs, hardware and internet can be quite expensive... Especially when you're hosting a large amount of players across a number of servers. Originally we never intended to have a donation system, this was and still is my personal hobby. But after so many offers of support from our community I decided to put up this page to offer people a place to help support the community and also help grow it, with things such as better internet, hardware and even more dedicated machines in the future.

In no way do you need to donate or anything :) This is just a place where you can help support the community! You also get cool perks on the discord and our servers xD

We also have quite a close relationship with our Patrons in the sense that they are kept up to date with the happenings behind running the server, and are generally made part of important admin discussions and decisions made regarding the server and community as a whole.

We are always looking out for cool suggestions of other perks we could offer! DM me your ideas!

Some examples of things in the past that we have saved towards and gotten to improve the quality of the servers are:
- Another 32GB of Ram for the server.
- Gigabit Fiber to improve everyone's connections.
- Another 2TB Red Archive drive for backups.
- A 2nd 960 m.2 SSD for servers.
- A new NAS Server to offload things from our main box & Improve backups/storage.
- And others...

Free Games?
While its not really a major part of the point of patron, we have started doing a monthly game giveaway with 4 games for our normal active users and 1 special game for all our patrons contributing more than 5$ monthly!
76% complete
Begin to put money towards server upgrades and better quality hardware. (Eg, getting another 32GB of ram) We haef Moar WAM! <3.
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