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Why should you become a Patron?
If you like watching my content and have ever felt like supporting me, this is the best way possible! Pledging $1 is the equivalent value of watching roughly 1000 videos, with adverts. Yes, ad revenue is that bad these days! Your pledge will support up to 90 videos a month (may vary), across both my channels! There's no catch and if for whatever reason you no longer approve of my content you can simply cancel at any time, even before paying the next month. I would highly encourage supporting the channel this way if you want to secure it's future, even with a simple $1 pledge. This is of course optional and videos will remain free for everyone to watch. 

"Your pledge will support up to 90 videos a month, across both my channels!"

Who am I?

Hello everyone, I'm Lewis, also known as VulcanHDGaming and I've been making YouTube videos for over 7 years now. I spend around 8 - 10 hours every day (sometimes more!), including weekends, producing content and managing the channel. Unfortunately time is money and whilst I do make money from YouTube it is incredibly inconsistent. So this is where you guys come in. Ideally being less dependent on ad revenue would be great as it secures the channels future. 

What benefits come from supporting me?
Patron's support will give me the ability to focus more time on creating videos and new content for the channel. This means better quality, more variety and increased interactivity! It will also free up time for a streaming schedule where I hope to host gaming sessions for Steel Division, as well as a multitude of other games suggested by you!

Any pledges will go towards:
  • Time spent on creating videos, streaming and managing the channel.
  • Hardware for upgrading my PC to record better quality and render faster.
  • Software for editing, recording, designing and streaming.
  • Games to provide new exciting content!
  • Living costs, I gotta eat!
  • Fulfilling Patron's specific requests.
  • and finally, continuing the dream of being a full time YouTube content creator!

What is Patreon?
A crowd funding platform for independent content creators that gives you a way to support the creation of regular content via pledges. Patreon gives you a chance to support my content directly by pledging an amount of money per month. You can donate as little or as much as you like a month and cancel at any time. Think of it as an on-going Kickstarter campaign.
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By reaching this goal I promise to release at least 3 high quality gaming commentaries a day across both channels!
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