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Welcome to my Patreon Page!
Thank you for considering becoming my Patron!

I am Vulkk / Alex.
I write and record Guides, News and Updates about my favorite Video Games. I'm also a huge Star Wars fan. Owner of

My Patreon campaign is a simple call for support. By spending hours each day working on my content and with my Website and YouTube channel growing, I realize and acknowledge the need for constant hardware and software improvements and expansions. With your help, I will keep upgrading my production quality and quantity at an even faster pace.
Patreon allows you to support me with the amount you decide and for however long you wish to - one time or monthly. With even a small pledge you not only help me and show your gratitude, but also keep me believing that what I love doing, matters to you and you understand the daily struggle and effort I put behind each minute of video, article, guide. You can always cancel your pledge if you are short on money or do not wish to support me any more.

My Website is a combination of all my activities, plus News about me and the games I play and share. Here you will find also Blog Posts and, of course, an easy link to all my videos, embedded from YouTube for easy access. Don't forget to Subscribe for the Newsletters and stay up to date with all my activities.

My YouTube  channel
is all about my favorite games: SWTOR, Anthem, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077, Shadow of War and more -  Gameplay, Playthroughs, Guides, Lore, Tutorials, Overviews, Video Blogs, Star Wars news and so on. All content is presented with very high quality video and sound. All done with great passion. I love the games I play.

If you want to support me in other ways, you could:
  • Use my Amazon Referral Link: when you shop online for anything.
  • Disable the Ad-BLocker for your browser when you watch my videos. You will see automatically placed ads by YouTube.

The blue text on the logo picture written in Aurebesh means: "Thank you for being my Patron" :)))

60% complete
I'll hire a person to help me write more news-worthy content in areas and topics outside of the main games and franchises I already cover myself!
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